Omidvar Brothers Museum | Contemporary Iranian Marcopolos

Omidvar Brothers Museum | Contemporary Iranian Marcopolos

Omidvar Brothers Museum

Omidvar brothers were the first Iranian travelers who started their journey in 1954 and also created one of the world’s first travel documentaries . After 3 years of research, they embarked on their journey enthusiastically to see the world’s unseen wonders with a budget of merely 90 $. They could finance their travel expenses through writing articles for the world’s well-known magazines and holding speeches in the best ranked universities.

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Issa and Abdollah traveled through four continents on their motorcycles in the first seven years of their journey and continued throughout the next three years in the car which had been given to them by Citroen Company as a gift.

The outcome of their ten-year journey to 99 countries in five different continents can be listed as ; thousands of pictures , films , various handicrafts from different parts of the world , and a multitude of articles and scientific researches which are all preserved in Omidvar Brothers’ Museum , Iran’s first tourism museum which is located in Saadabad Historical and Cultural Complex, since 2003.

*This article has been written by Fereshte Shokouhi

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Name(s) in Persian: موزه برادران امیدوار
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