Tabatabaei House | The bride of Iran’s houses

Tabatabaei House is an outstanding symbol of the rich lifestyle in 19th century in Kashan. Agha Bozourg mosque and Kashan's bazaar are also locating close to it.

Kashan’s bazaar | A gem in the heart of the desert

Kashan's traditional bazaar is one of the most worth seeing historical locations of the city that its beauty catches the attention of every visitor.This bazaar is a memento from three historical eras; Safaviye, Zandiye and Ghajari.

Ultimate guide to Kashan | Explore Iran in-depth

The city isn't that large but the population is quite a lot. There are some silk and velvet factories but the increase of imports from England resulted in the decrease of local factories.
Fin Garden

Fin Garden in Kashan | Perfect Representative of Persian Gardens

Fin Garden is a UNESCO world heritage and a must see in Kashan. Its sophisticated water system and astonishing design fascinates you.