Sefid Rud River | The longest River in North of Iran

Sefid Rud River | The longest River in North of Iran

Sefid Rud River | The longest River in North of Iran

Originating from Chehel Cheshmeh Mountain in the mountains of Kurdistan, the Sefid Rud River easily opened its way among the northern mountains of Iran all the way to the Caspian Sea. This beautiful river, known in ancient history as Amard (Greek: Amardus), has many other names. But these days everyone knows it by the name Sepid or Sefid (White) Rud (River).

The birth of the longest northern River

Sepid River follows a tortuous path to reach the Caspian Sea. The story of this river begins in Kurdistan. The main source of this river is Chehel Cheshmeh Mountain, to which a branch of the Panjeh Ali Mountains in the northwest of Hamedan and other branches in the Bijar area is connected and flows to the north. They join in the middle of other rivers and then change their direction to the southeast.

Then Zanjan River, which originates from Soltanieh, and other small tributaries flowing from Tarom Mountains, joins it and finally reaches Manjil Strait.

Up to this point, the river is called Ghezel Ozan (or Red River). In this place, another branch called Shahroud joins it. This branch supplies almost a quarter of the water of the Sefid Rud river.

From the confluence of the Shahroud and Ghezel Ozan rivers, a river called the Sefid rud river emerges.

The Manjil Dam, one of the most important stops points of Sefid Rud

In 1962, after nearly ten years, the Manjil Dam was opened on the Sefid rud River. This dam, which has remained stable all these years, is used to regulate the water of Sefidrood for agricultural purposes in the Gilan plain and also to generate electricity.

This dam is located on the old Rasht-Qazvin Road at the beginning of Manjil city and welcomes travelers with a beautiful view of its wide and calm lake next to the wind turbine farm located on the hills of this city.

Caspian Sea; the Final Stop for Sefid Rud

In Manjil, the route of this river continues with the joining of waterways such as Abroud, Siah Rudbar, Tuysen, and Sheli waterway to Sefidrood and after passing the farms along the river to the northeast and Tajan region. Finally, the main branch of the river flows into the Caspian Sea through hundreds of agricultural canals and waterways near Bandar Anzali.

Why is Sefid Rud River so important?

The Sefidrud, like all rivers in the world, has various significances. The aquatic biodiversity of this river is as important as its key role in the agricultural activities of Gilan. The fish of this river are the most popular fish of northern Iran. Trout, ozone, whitefish, and carp alone are the starry list of aquatic species. But along with all the ecological and environmental effects of Sefidrud, the tourist attractions of this roaring river should not be overlooked. This river has a long way to go to reach its destination. So it is not surprising that along with the beautiful nature of Gilan, this region also has many historical and cultural attractions. The ancient Marlik hills, the Lushan brick bridge, the nomadic life of the people in a part of the Amarloo area, the summer village of Bareh Sar, etc. are some of these tourist attractions.

When to visit?

It is not possible to specify a time to visit this river. Because like the constant flow of Sefid Rud River among the mountains and plains of northern Iran, seeing this white and shiny river can be a daily practice. But if you are interested in boating on this river while you feel the cool and pleasant wind blowing on your skin in the summer heat, and if you like to watch the view of the evergreen olive trees on the heights of the high cliffs along the fertile plains and rice paddies, we suggest spring and summer.

* Written by Mahsa Ashouri.


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