Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace | One of the most beautiful palaces in Tehran

Golestan Palace which was originally built in Safavid era.Due to the unique beauty and elegance of the architecture the palace was declared as one of the World Heritage Sites in 2007 by UNESCO.

The National Museum of Iran | Biggest Archeological Museum in Iran

The National Museum of Iran is located in Tehran, Iran. It is an institution formed of two complexes; the Museum of Ancient Iran and the Museum of Islamic Archaeology and Art of Iran.
Sa'ad Abad Complex

Sa’ad Abad Historical Complex | A Royal Palace

Sa'ad Abad Historical Complex is situated in Shemiran , northern part of Tehran and was built during Qajar dynasty, that is in 19th century.
Nagarestan Garden

Negarestan Garden | Paradise in the heart of Tehran

Negarestan garden and museum is one of the most beautiful places in the heart of Tehran.The garden was founded in 1843-1849 by Fath Ali Shah's order, the Qajar king.
Tabiat Bridge | Symbol of Iran Contemporary Architecture

Tabiat Bridge | Symbol of Iran Contemporary Architecture

If this introduction about Tabiat bridge is not enough for one to slide into a tall bridge in the heart of the capital of Iran, I do not know what else is.
Omidvar Brothers Museum | Contemporary Iranian Marcopolos

Omidvar Brothers Museum | Iranian Marcopolos

Omidvar Brothers Museum, Iran's first tourism museum, which is located in Saadabad Historical and Cultural Complex since 2003.