Shahrdari Square (Municipality Square) | Russian Architecture in the heart of Rasht

The importance of the Rasht Municipality Square complex is not limited to the beauty of the building and the hectic night life around it. This square and its buildings carry a history that sometimes does not cross the minds of the audience. Like any other historical places, Rasht Shahrdari square also has its own story.

Rasht; The largest city on the Caspian Sea

The Northern Provinces of Iran are well known for their pristine natural attractions. The humid, sultry but cool climate has made these provinces attractive for both tourists and family travels. But we should not overlook the historic structures in their cities. Rasht, the capital city of Gilan province, is credited for both its natural resources and delicious food. The city is designated as UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy due to having about 270 types of food. But Rasht is not limited only to these areas. The city is also known for being the location for one of Iran’s first and most famous Municipality Squares.

Rasht Municipality Square Complex

Rasht Shahrdari Square (Municipality Square) , is located at center of Rasht City and was build during Pahlavi dynasty – reign of Reza Shah to be exact. The Municipal Palace, the Post Museum and the old building of the Iran Hotel form the Rasht Municipality Square complex.

Rasht Municipality Palace

Rasht Municipality Palace or Rasht Municipality Mansion is a building that was built by the order of Rasht Municipality, on the west side of Shahrdari Square in Rasht, inspired by the architecture of St. Petersburg, by Artem Sardaraf, an Armenian-German architect living in Rasht. And since then, it has been used as a municipal building in Rasht. Today, with the division of Rasht into 5 regions, this building is considered as the central municipality of Rasht.

The Palace of the Municipality of Rasht (Rasht Municipality) was inaugurated on the 26th of April 1926 on the occasion of the coronation of the first Pahlavi king.

Shardari Square at Present Days

For many years, the Rasht Municipality complex in the central part of the city of Rasht watched the night traffic and the daily efforts of the people. But in recent years, with the decision of the mayor of Rasht and the paving of the municipality square and the streets leading to it, this complex has now become a place for tourists and locals to walk and walk. The urban and traditional elements of Rasht, along with the smell of the famous kebab of Shahrdari, have turned this neighborhood into a day and night attraction.

In addition to the main buildings mentioned around this complex, there is the building of the first national library of Iran, Sabzeh Meidan and Rasht Bazaar, which will be a new and different experience to visit.

And always remember this. Rasht has a circular shape so no matter where you go, you will always end up in Shardari Square.

* Written by Mahsa Ashouri.


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