Arge Bam

Arg-e Bam | A defensive zone in an artistic combination

The historical citadel of Bam with more than two thousand five hundred years old is located near the city of Bam in Kerman province.
Ganjalikhan bath

Ganjali khan Bath | A collection of art and architecture in Ganjali Khan Complex

Ganjali Khan Bath is a traditional Iranian Bath house in Kerman city and is part of the historical Ganjali Khan Complex. Located on the southern side of Ganjali Khan Square, this bath is one of the most wonderful historical sites in Kerman province
Kerman bazar

The Historical-Cultural structure of Kerman | A grand bazaar with 600 years of history

One of the main reasons of the establishment of Kerman city was its geographical location. From a long time ago, Kerman functioned as an intersection, since it connected West to the East, and North to the South
khabr park Hamshahrionline F

Khabr National Park and Ruchan Wildlife Refuge | The missing paradise of the desert

Khabr National Park is located in Baft city, Kerman province. Being the 11th Natural Park of Iran, Khabr National Park covers an area of 120,000 hectares, of which 50,000 hectares are animal shelters in 5 sections, called Ruchan.

Jiroft | A splendid cradle of civilization

Jiroft city is located in southern part of Kerman province and Halil Rood (Halil River), the longest river in the southeast of Iran

Meymand Village | A lively museum in the heart of cliffs

Meymand Village is located in the historical region of Shahr-e-Babak in Kerman province and according to archaeology statements, stone carving drawings of this region is related to 1200 years ago.
Kerman grand mosque

Kerman Grand Mosque | A 700-Year-Old Mosque

The Mozafari Mosque also known as Kerman Grand Mosque, is a historical mosque with unique and magnificent architecture in Kerman province.
Stone garden

Stone Garden | A garden full of mysteries

Kerman Stone Garden  is located 40 km far from Sirjan , in the heart of the desert. with the form of an irregular hexagon, in an area of 1000 meters, there are 200 trees. with stone fruits.