Ultimate Guide to Tehran | Everything you need to know

Ultimate guide to Tehran

View of north of Tehran and Milad Tower | By Hassan Hedayatzadeh

Tehran is the capital of Iran and the biggest city of this country with a population of around 8.7 million and surpassing around 15 million in the wider metropolitan area. It is located to the north of the central plateau of Iran. Tehran gained importance when it became the capital by the Qajar dynasty in 1778. There are a lot of museums, galleries, churches, parks, synagogues, Zoroastrian fire temples, skyscrapers, towers, mountains, ski resorts and so on.
To know more details about Tehran, Wikipedia can be a good source.


Most people speak Persian (Farsi) and most young generation can also speak English. Nowadays, different ethnic groups who have migrated to this city from all parts of Iran live in Tehran and it is somehow a boiling pot.


High temperature is about 39°C and rarely can be more than 40°C in July, and the lowest temperature can be around -3°C in January. During April and October, the temperature is mostly between 20 to 25°C which is really pleasant. The hottest season is in May, June, July, August, and September; And the dry periods are in June, July, August, September, and October.

Fall in Tehran, tehran capital of iran

Fall in Tehran

Best time to visit

April, May, October, November. During New Year holidays, this city is not crowded because most people travel and back to their hometown to visit families and the weather is perfect (20 March till 3 April).

Public transportation

When it comes to public transportation in Tehran, buses, taxies, BRTs (Rapid Bus Transport), metro, online taxies, shared taxies are available.

Public Transportation in tehran, capital of iran

Public Transportation in Tehran

Download Tehran Metro Map (PDF)

Bus Terminals

Four main bus terminasl in Tehran are mentioned below:
Terminal-E-Beihaghi (North)
Terminal-E-Jonoub (South)
Terminal-E-Shargh (East)
Terminal-E-Azadi (West)


Two main airports in Tehran is:
1. Mehrabad airport (for domestic flights)
2. Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA)

Train Station

And there is only one train station in the south of Tehran.
You can take a train to cities like Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Mash’had, Qazvin, Zanjan, Bandar-e Abbas and most major cities.

Tehran Train Station, capital of iran, traveling to iran

Tehran Train Station

Ski Resorts

From December until late April, you can go skiing in the mountains in the north of Tehran. To go to Tochal, you just need to go to the north of Tehran (by taxi or car) and take a cable car which takes you about half an hour to reach the top. For other resorts, you can go by minibusses or private cars. Many tourists come to Tehran for skiing due to high-quality snow and beautiful nature. The resorts are as follows:
1. Tochal
2. Shemshak
3. Darbandsar
4. Ab’ali
5. Dizin (international ski resort)

Tochal Ski Resort in tehran capital of iran

Tochal Ski Resort in Tehran


1. Golestan Palace (UNESCO world heritage) | 2:30 hours
2. The National Jewelry Treasury | 1:30 hours
3. National Museum of Iran | 1:30 hours
4. Tehran Grand Bazaar | 2:00 hours
5. Sadabaad Palace | 4:00 hours
6. Tabiat Bridge | 2:00 hours
7. Carpet Museum of Iran | 1:00 hour
8. Tehran National Garden | 1:00 hour
9. Moghadam Museum | 1:00 hour
10. Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art | 2:00 hours
11. Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran | 1:00 hour
12. Malek National Library and Museum | 1:30 hours
13. Darband | 2:00 hour
14. Tajrish Bazaar | 1:00 hour
15. Azadi Tower | 1:00 hour
16. Milad Tower | 2:00 hours
17. Niavaran Historical Cultural Complex | 2:00 hours
18. Negarestan Garden | 0:30 hour
19. National Botanical Garden of Iran | 1:30 hour
20. Music Museum | 0:45 hour
21. Cinema Museuom | 0:45 hour
22. Time Museum | 0:45 hour
23. Reza Abbasi Museum | 0:45 hour
24. Masoudieh Palace | 0:45 hour
25. Tehran City Theatre | 0:30 hour
26. Jomeh Bazaar | 2:00 hours
27. Park-E-Shahr | 0:30 hour
28. Baamland | 2:00 hours
29. Tughrul Tower | 0:30 hour
30. Vaziri Caved Museum | 0:45 hour
31. Former U.S. Embassy
32. Holy Defense Museum
33. Sepahsalar Mosque
34. Hasanabad Square
35. Omidvar Brothers Museum
36. Timche Akbarian
37. Imam Mosque
38. Iranian Art Museum Garden
39. Protestant church
40. Peter evangelical church
41. Davood Pizza
42. Naderi Café
43. Haj Ali Darvish’s tea house
44. The Darolfonoon school
45. Ezra Yaghoub Synagogue
46. Imamzadeh Yahya

Golestan Palace - The only World Heritage in Tehran

Golestan Palace – The only World Heritage in Tehran

One-day Trip Itinerary

If you just have one day to explore, we recommend the itinerary below:
Start at 8:45 from Bazaar Metro station and head to Golestan Palace which is the only UNESCO World Heritage in Tehran. You can spend 2 hours to explore the inside, then visit Grand Bazaar and Imam Mosque. We recommended you to have a tea in Haj Ali Darvish Tea House – known as the smallest tea house in the world. Now, this is the time for lunch. There are two old and famous restaurants in that area. First one is Sharaf-ol-Eslami and the second is Moslem. They are really crowded and you need to wait 15 to 20 minutes for the food. After that, from Saturday to Wednesday, you can visit National jewelry museum from 14 to 16 pm (it is just open for two hours on weekdays). Then, you can visit the National Museum of Iran, with 7000 years of history, and then walk a bit in Mashq Square and visit the National Garden of Tehran. Now it is better to go to the modern part of Tehran. It is a good idea to visit Nature Bridge of Tehran in the evening, walk on it, and meet locals. You will have a perfect view of the mountains if the weather is good (Apr and Oct are the best). After that, you have three options. First, visit Milad Tower and go to the top to see Tehran at night. Second, visit Azadi Tower which was the old symbol of Tehran, and third go to Darband to have dinner in the mountain and enjoy your time.

Two-day Trip Itinerary

If you have two days to explore, we recommend the itinerary below:
Your first day can be the same as above, and on your second day, it is better to start your city tour by visiting Sadabaad Complex in the north of Tehran at about 8:30 am. Do not miss the Omidvar Brothers Museum. They are widely deemed as Iran’s earliest travel documentarians. Then head to Tajrish Bazaar. For lunch, you have some options. First, Rouhi restaurant which has good decoration with local delicious foods, but a bit expensive. Second, Foloot Restaurant with inexpensive home-made local foods. Third, Ash-e-Seyyed-Mehdi which serves Halim and Ash (A kind of Iranian soups which you must try once). After that, you can head to the Carpet Museum and then if you like galleries, visit the Contemporary Art Museum. At night, you can go to the Milad Tower or Darband. Another option is Bam-E-Tehran if you like to walk and see Young Generation of Tehran and see Tehran from the top in the mountains.

Free Walking Tours

If you travel by your own and have enough time, you can participate in our free walking tours in Tehran to visit the city in-depth and as it really is. Also, we can plan a tailor-made tour for you and run it privately.

Tehran Free Walking Tours | Explore Tehran with locals

* Written and curated by Mohammad Naderi.

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