Sari Grand Mosque | The religious centre at the heart of the city.

Sari grand Mosque

Sari Grand Mosque | The religious centre at the heart of the city.

The oldest and the first Mosque of Mazandaran is the Sari Grand Mosque, which is located in the center of Sari city, in one of the ancient and historical neighborhoods among great market called Nargesieh bazaar. It dates back to early centuries of historical periods after Islam – the Qajar period.

This building has been registered in the list of national places of Iran. The main body of the current building of the Sari Grand Mosque have been rebuilding during the Qajar and Pahlavi eras; There is evidence that this mosque was built on the remains of a Zoroastrian fire temple.


There is nothing left from the old objects of the mosque and now it consists of two entrance doors, one on the west side and the other on the north side. After entering the mosque, we encounter a large four-cornered courtyard, where the entire floor of the courtyard is decorated with beautiful brick designs, and walking on the old bricks has a pleasant and attractive feeling, it seems like you take a step back in the past centuries.

In the middle of the courtyard, a large platform has been built for worshipers, which provides a suitable place for religious and cultural ceremonies on summer nights. There is a large pool on the north side of the courtyard that if you go to the mosque in the non-cold season of the year, you will definitely see some people doing ablution next to the pool.

On the south side, there is a large porch with two four-cornered brick minarets with a pottery roof on top of it, and the main altar is located in this porch.Most of the roof tiles are very old and the dust of antiquity and the events of the past can be felt well on them.

There are two large naves in the east and west of the mosque, most of the walls of which are covered with bricks. In summer, when you enter the naves, there is no more heat outside and you will feel the cool breeze and pleasant calm.

There are two altars on both sides of the porches connected to the naves. The porches have long been a good place for lunch breaks, communication and conversation, prayers and religious ceremonies of the residents and merchants of the bazaar. The tiles of the porch entrance are decorated with mosaics and the Kufic inscription is installed on the door. Due to the climate of the region, which is often a mild and rainy season, the roof is completely covered with pottery.

Throughout history, the city of Sari, including the building of its Grand Mosque, was repeatedly destroyed and the city of Sari and the mosque were rebuilt again. The current building of the Sari Grand Mosque belongs to the Qajar period. This building caught fire in July 1397 and has been renovated and rebuilt until August 1398.

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* Written by Sara Jafari.


Official Website: N/A Entrance fee: N/A
Wikipedia: Click here Name(s) in Persian: مسجد جامع ساری
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Province: Mazandaran Accommodation availability: Yes
Phone: N/A Facilities: Yes
Working days: All days Restaurant & Cafe availability: N/A
Opening hours: 5:00 AM-9:00 PM Best time to visit: All Seasons

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