Azadi Tower

Azadi Tower | The original Symbol of Tehran

Azadi Tower, which was known as the Shahyad Tower before the Islamic Revolution, is the original and the most popular urban symbol of Tehran.
Tehran museum of Contemporary

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art | The largest art museum in Iran

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is the largest art museum in Iran. This museum, which was built by order of Empress Farah and only one year before the Islamic Revolution of 1979, is one of the most popular sights in Tehran for domestic and foreign tourists and art lovers.

Tajrish Bazaar | A mixture of history and color

Tajrish Bazaar is one of the oldest places of Tehran. It is close to Imamzade Saleh Mausoleum, Darband and Darakeh mountain resorts and other attractions such as Saad Abaad Palace Complex.

Milad Tower | The 6th tallest tower in the world

Milad Tower, with height of 435 meters, standing in the north of the capital, is a multi-purpose tower and is also considered the main symbol of Tehran

Darband | A popular neighborhood in Tehran

Darband is a former village close to Tajrish, Shemiran in north of Tehran and inside its metropolitan limits.

The Carpet Museum | A treasure of priceless carpets

Located in Tehran next to the beautiful Laleh Park, the Carpet Museum is one of the world's few museums specialized in carpets.

National Jewelry Museum | The lost treasure in the heart of the capital

One of the most attractive and spectacular museums in Tehran is the National Jewelry Museum. This treasury-museum is in the treasury of the Central Bank of Iran, which is located in Ferdowsi Street in Tehran.