Azadi Tower

Azadi Tower | The original Symbol of Tehran

Azadi Tower, which was known as the Shahyad Tower before the Islamic Revolution, is the original and the most popular urban symbol of Tehran.
Ghale Roodkhan

Ghale Roodkhan | The Hidden Castle in the heart of the northern jungles

Located 47 km of Rasht, Ghale Roodkhan is a brick and stone medieval building in Fooman City. This castle belongs to the Sassanid era, which was built for the central fortress of the army of this dynasty on the northern slope of the Alborz mountain range.
Rasht Bazaar

Rasht Bazaar | Festival of Colors and Delicious Foods

Iranian traditional Bazaars are well known worldwide. Like any other Persian Grand Bazaars, Rasht Great Bazaar is also a daily host for locals and tourists.

Shahrdari Square (Municipality Square) | Russian Architecture in the heart of Rasht

The importance of the Rasht Municipality Square complex is not limited to the beauty of the building and the hectic night life around it. This square and its buildings carry a history that sometimes does not cross the minds of the audience. Like any other historical places, Rasht Shahrdari square also has its own story.

Gilan rural heritage museum | All there is to know about Gilak Lifestyle

Gilan province is known for its tourist attractions and warm-hearted and hospitable people. The people of Gilan from different ethnic groups, including Gilak, Talesh and Tat, have come together and formed a very rich and diverse culture and customs.

The shrine of Imam Reza | The Shia’s gem attracting millions a year

The shrine of Imam Reza (AS) is a safe and beautiful sanctuary for the privacy of heart and a heart for pray. For a long time, the followers and devotees of Hazrat Reza from all over the world have come to this holy place to express their love and devotion to Ali Ibn Musa Reza.

Sari Grand Mosque | The religious centre at the heart of the city.

The oldest and the first Mosque of Mazandaran is the Sari Grand Mosque, which is located in the center of Sari city, in one of the ancient and historical neighborhoods among great market called Nargesieh bazaar. It dates back to early centuries of historical periods after Islam - the Qajar period.

Lorestan’s Historical bridges | The world’s capital of historic bridges

Lorestan Province in west of Iran, has a chain of more than 100 unique historical bridges. Since it was an important passage in Iran, many bridges were built in the region.