Alamut F

Alamut Castle | once impenetrable fortress in the heart of mountains

In the northwest of Qazvin and in the village of Gazarkhan, one could find the remains of Alamut’s historic fortress. Although many parts of Alamut Castle have been ruined over time, it is still one of the spectacular architectural and historical attractions of Iran.
Mohtasham Garden

Mohtasham Garden | Rasht Oldest Park

Rasht is the capital of Gilan province and one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. This city is the largest and most populous city on the southern shores of the Caspian Sea,

Sefid Rud River | The longest River in North of Iran

Originating from Chehel Cheshmeh Mountain in the mountains of Kurdistan, the Sefid Rud River easily opened its way among the northern mountains of Iran all the way to the Caspian Sea.

Eynali Mount | The largest mountain resort in Iran

Eynali is a mountain range in north of Tabriz, the capital of East Azerbaijan. From its peaks we can mention Eynali (1800 m), Bahlul (1985 m), Pakeh-chin (1945 m), Halileh (1850 m) and the highest one Dand (2378 m).

Anzali Lagoon | Land of birds and Water Lilies

With 11 rivers flowing into this wetland, Anzali Lagoon is known to be one of the most important wetlands of Iran. This beautiful natural attraction is well known mainly for its magnificent swamp flowers such as Lotus and being one of Iran’s most praised birdwatching sites.

Touran Biosphere Reserve | The Africa of Iran

Touran (or Khar Touran) Biosphere reserve is located in southeast of Shahrud, of Semnan province and in the northern part of the Dasht-e Kavir. Covering an area of 1,464,992 hectares, it is the second largest biosphere reserve in the world.
Harra Forest

Hara Forests | The green gold of Qeshm Island

Mangrove Forests are located in Hormozgan province, on the coastline of Qeshm Island, and are considered as one of the most stunning tourist attractions in Qeshm.