Izakhast Complex | World’s second largest mud-brick structure

The Historical Complex of Izadkhast has attracted the attention of many archeologists with its unique urban design and architecture.

Naghsh-e-Rajab | stony pictures of Sassanid Empire

Naghsh-e Rajab is an archeological site,Naghsh-e Rajab was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, along with Naghsh-e Rostam.

Karim Khan citadel | Imposing citadel of Karim Khan

Karim Khan citadel is located in the center of Shiraz. This citadel was built during the reign of Zandieh dynasty and became known as Karim Khani citadel after Karim Khan Zand chose Shiraz as his capital and this place as his place of residence
Shah cheragh

Shah Cheragh | An incomparable funerary monument

Shiraz’s Shah Cheragh is the tomb of Mir Seyed Ahmad, known as Shah Cheragh, who is the son of Musa-Ebn-Kazem (Musa the son of Kazem), Shia’s 7th Imam.
Zinat Al-Muluk House

Zinat Al-Muluk House | A Qajar house in the heart of Shiraz

The historical house of Zinat al-Mulk is one of the monuments of Qajar era in Shiraz, which was built by Ali Mohammad Khan Ghavam al-Mulk during 12 years.

The Pink Mosque | Mirrors of Colors

The Nasir al-Molk Mosque was built by the order of Mirza Hassan Ali, also known as Nasir al-Molk who was one of the nobles of the Qajar dynasty, during 12 years.

Narenjestan Qavam | The manifestation of Iranian art

Qavam Garden of Shiraz belong to the influential and powerful Qavam family in the reign of Naser al-Din shah, and was built by the order of Ali Mohammad khan Qavam.

Pasargad | The earliest capital of Achaemenid Empire

Pasargad field is located 130 kilometers away from Shiraz. Cyrus II the Great selected this city as the capital of his reign in the 6th century B.C and started constructing buildings and palaces in it.