Rasht was first mentioned in historical documents in 682 CE, but it is certainly older than this. Rasht began its development very late, during the 14th century, when the center of life in the region moved from the mountains to the plains.


The historical city of Qazvin has several buildings from the Safavid era, dating to the period in which it was capital of Safavid empire, such as the Chehel Sotoun Palace.


The city isn’t that large but the population is quite a lot. There are some silk and velvet factories but the increase of imports from England resulted in the decrease of local factories.


Tabriz, with more than 3500 years of history, and the capital of East Azerbaijan province, is considered a major hub for science and culture in Iran. This modern industrialized city has a population of over 2 million which make it the most populous city in northwestern of the country

Kerman city is the capital, the largest and most developed city in Kerman Prod the most ivince anmportant one in the southeast of Iran. This city is famous for its long history and strong cultural and natural heritages.


Shiraz, the heartland of Persian culture with more than 4000 years of history, is located in the southwest of Iran. Shiraz is the capital of Fars province.Shiraz is the city of splendid gardens, and is known as the city of flowers, poets, wine, education, fun and love.


Isfahan is like a piece of jewelry Among the cities of Iran ,The city’s rich culture and it’s still mostly famous for all the architecture masterpieces and Naqsh_e_Jahan square which has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

city of yazd

The City of Yazd which is the second historical city in the world, is known as the city of work, storm sewer, thatch, Qanat, adobe, wind_towers , bicycles, sweets and the city of fire and sunshine

Ultimate Guide to Mashhad | Iran in-depth

Mashhad is not just a pilgrimage destination anymore. There is a spectacular nature around the city and many attractions.

Sari is an old city and you can find historical attractions like: Farah-abad complex, Resket Tower, Ab Anbar No, Kolbadi House and many more there.

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Transportation and attractions is Tehran. One and two-day itinerary for sightseeing and everything you need to about Tehran.