sialk hills trekearth

Sialk Hills | The first civilization in central part of Iran

Sialk Hill is a large ancient archeological site, which is located in the suburb of Kashan, Isfahan. Sialk Hill is actually a Ziggurat (a religious place of worship which was created by Elamite civilization) with 3 floors, which is made of clay and pottery.

Tabatabaei House | The bride of Iran’s houses

Tabatabaei House is an outstanding symbol of the rich lifestyle in 19th century in Kashan. Agha Bozourg mosque and Kashan's bazaar are also locating close to it.
Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath | Kashan aristocratic bath

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath is one of the most beautiful and unique historical baths in Iran. The architecture and decorations which used in Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath make it one of the top ten historical baths in the world and represent the unique Iranian architectural art.

Ameriha House | Kashan’s biggest historical house

The magnificent house of Ameriha, based on the history and architecture is older and more different than all of Kashan's historical houses. Ameriha House is not only a historical building, but is also a hotel with full facilities.

Ultimate guide to Kashan | Explore Iran in-depth

The city isn't that large but the population is quite a lot. There are some silk and velvet factories but the increase of imports from England resulted in the decrease of local factories.
The Abbassian House

The Abbassian House | An example of Kashan’s residential Architecture

Abbasian historical house is located near Boroujerdi and Tabatabaie historical houses.The house was built in late 18th century.