The Water Museum of Yazd | A museum in desert climate

The Water Museum is located in a historical house named Kolahdouz-ha. This museum displays the relics related to the ten-thousand-year water industry in the heart of the desert and its distinctive point compared to other water museums is that a Qanat line, with hundred years of history, passes through it.

Jameh Mosque of Yazd | A mosque with Iran’s tallest minarets

Jameh Mosque of Yazd is one of the most splendid, outstanding and noteworthy attractions of Yazd province and Iran.
Amir chakhmagh

Amir Chakhmagh Complex | A spectacular plaza in Yazd

Amir Chakhmagh Complex was built in the 15th century, by Jalal-o-din Amir Chakhmagh, who was the governor of Yazd in Timurids dynasty.

Windcatcher | representative of Iranian desert architecture

Windcatcher was acknowledged as a world heritage by UNESCO but it's not registered yet. Besides Iran some other countries such as Arab Emirates are trying to register this structure as their own.
city of yazd

Ultimate Guide to Yazd | Explore Iran in-depth

The City of Yazd which is the second historical city in the world, is known as the city of work, storm sewer, thatch, Qanat, adobe, wind_towers , bicycles, sweets and the city of fire and sunshine