About US

We believe that tourism can change the world and make it a better place to live because it connects people together.  It also helps people to see different cultures, blend with locals, and embrace new ideas and experiences. Here in Iranindepth, we help you to taste the beauties of Iran and the local life as it really is. To do so, we organize private and group tours throughout Iran and provide Visa services before your trip. We are happy to serve you 🙂

Iranidepth offers services such as free walking tours, visa, different tours around Iran, and tourist debit card.

Team Members:

Board of Directors

CEO & Tour Manager

This is Mohammad Naderi, aka Mamallicaa, an official tour leader in Iran who has been traveling around the country and the world for the last 5 years, immersed in organizing and running tours on both a domestic and an international scale. I also enjoy eight years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Besides, I am in love with ecotourism, adventure, photography, travel blogging as well as organizing and executing specifically-tailored, customized and experiential tours

Content Manager & Tour Guide

This is Alireza. I have been traveling around the country for 3 years and guiding people in the Valley of Assassins. I love nature, adventure, new experiences, and meeting new people and culture. I also translate books in the fields of marketing, branding, and personal development.

Project Manager & Tour Guide

This is Ronak Barzegari. I have been backpacking around the world for 5 years. I am an international Wushu trainer and referee and I teach Tai Chi Chuan. As an official Iranian tour leader, I have been running Tai Chi and meditation eco-tours.
Getting familiar with different cultures and local life in foreign countries are my interests. I like exciting and highly challenging trips. I also play Harmonica to make my trips more enjoyable.


Consultant & Tour Guide

Mahdieh Jahangir is an English- and Chinese-speaking tourist guide and a Ph.D. student in tourism. She is also a member of WFTGA Training committee


This is Mahtab Adami. I received my bachelor degree in Tourism Management. I have started traveling around Iran for two years and now I work as a tour leader. I love nature and I think we can survive the world with Ecotourism.

City walking tour guide, Tehran

This is Mohadese. I‘m 22 and I was born in Teheran. I got my bachelor in Architecture. I’m into meeting people from other nationalities from all around the world. I happily like to show my city and culture through the eye of an architect and a local to you.

City walking tour guide, Tehran

This is Faranak, IRANindepth’s tour guide in Tajrish neighborhood. I have studied architecture and I have a good knowledge of characteristics of the buildings located on my route. City Walking tours, which have been running for some time now, can create a fun team-building activity for individuals and also for your company. I highly recommend it to people interested in exploring the city in a fun and fulfilling way.

City walking tour guide, Tehran

This is Sepehr, tour guide of the Tehran Grand Bazaar route. I’m 20 and I study computer engineering at the University of Tehran and I’m a travel and tourism enthusiast. I speak English and German and I am learning Spanish. I’m really interested in mountaineering, ecotourism, and traveling. I’ve had the chance to travel to different countries, and I’m really crazy about cultural differences and the diversity our planet offers us. The reason I started tour guiding, is that I love to show my city to travelers who like to explore Tehran and share my knowledge about Persian history and culture. If you find speaking English and wandering in the Grand Bazaar district interesting, then I recommend you joining our tour so you can tasteTehran exactly like a local.
You only live once, so be sure to make the most of it!

City walking tour guide, Tehran

This is Massi. I‘m a full-time wanderer. I love people and their stories and that’s why I catch all the opportunities to know more interesting people and learn from them. I roam around all the time and try to find about new cultures and each place‘s history, cool stories, and fun facts. I am also a freelance digital nomad, and a tour guide who is backpacking around Iran and other countries as much as possible. I can happily be your guide for exploring beautiful Tehran, so if you want to feel more of Iran’s beautiful capital and see it through a local‘s eyes, let’s meet, explore, and learn more together.

City walking tour guide, Tehran

This is Mahsa, Oudlajan tour guide!
I‘m 28 and from the north of Iran who wants to expand her territory even more. I’ve studied IT and what I love the most in life is that I do not want to sit behind a desk. I want to be as free as a bird. So what’s more helpful is to wander around in one of the most historic areas in Iran (and even in the world)!
So I picked Oudlajan for its stories and great history. It‘s one of Tehran’s first neighborhoods and it has been through so many events that I try to discuss and talk about during these weekly events.
So, if you are interested in Tehran’s stories, join us.
We’ll be happy to have you in our company.

City walking tour guide, Isfahan

This is Sana Mosafaei, 28 years old. I‘ve been traveling around Iran and some other countries for five years. I’m a freelance graphic designer and work as a tour guide as well. My interests are photography, traveling, history, nature, camping and generally let’s say enjoying the moments! I speak English and Spanish and always want to learn more and more languages.
I like to be a tour guide because of so many reasons! Well, when I go to other countries, I want to know about every single clue of the history of the monuments or even more ... about the culture.I believe that as a tour guide my responsibility is not just repeating the history of my country, I would love to tell you about the old and rich Iranian culture. I chose the Safavid route as it is a very important dynasty for Esfahan and Esfahan owes to Safavid a lot.

City walking tour guide, Tehran

This is Shaghayegh. I‘m a 25-year-old traveler and adventurer from north of Iran. My main job is to produce content about the attractions of Iran and the world. I also write educational articles about traveling. Aside from that, I’m a tour guide. My passion for history, cultures, and people led me to this amazing job. My goal and responsibility as an Iranian are to show the different aspects of my mysterious country to others because it has more to offer than expected! I‘m also in love with southern countries, so I’m studying the Korean Language. In my free time, I travel inside or outside of Iran, do break dancing and try to enjoy my very own lifestyle. In these free walking tours, let’s hear our stories and also hear the stories of the past days of Tehran.

City walking tour guide, Kerman

This is Saeedeh. I’m a 28-year-old girl from Kerman, one of the most beautiful cities in the southeast of Iran. When I was a teenager, I started learning English and it became half part of my life through the years. Somehow from the past 16 years, I have been interested and involved with English as a learner, teacher, and writer. Teaching English encouraged me to continue studying English Literature as a major at university. After B.A. I decided to spend other parts of my life on my passion: HISTORY.
So I am a master‘s student of Iranian Ancient Languages and Cultures. This major has opened another season in my life as a tour guide and tour operator. Since I’m in love with traveling and communicating with people and cultures, I chose a job to do them all at once. I hope to be an impressive guide and content writer in Iranindepth Team.

Editor in Chief

This is Nafise, an English teacher in love with traveling and meeting new people. Even though I’ve always been interested in the concept of wandering around the world, my love of tourism started more seriously when I made the acquaintance of people from other countries through my experience as a local tour guide in Tehran and got the chance to exchange culture with them.
At the moment, I try to travel all around Iran as much as I can, but my biggest dream is to become a digital nomad one day and have the freedom to travel freely so working as a freelance translator and content creator would be my first step towards that big dream of mine.

Content Writer

This is Fereshteh Shokouhi , a devoted English teacher with almost 20 years of experience, who is head over heels in love with traveling.
As an adventurous soul, I love exploring new places and cultures and meeting new people. I am also into the history and culture of Iran and interested in making Iran known to the world. When not glued to my computer screen preparing teaching materials, I enjoy spending time with my two lovely daughters and hanging out with my beloved friends.

Content Writer

This is Soohia Shamsaei. I love art (especially architecture, photography, and painting), desert, travel, history and my country, Iran. I have a BA in Architecture, BA in Cloth Design and an MA in Art Research. I am the beneficiary of an eco-tourism in Iran’s central desert named “Nasseriye Eco-tourism”. There, we introduce the beauty of the desert to the tourists. I am currently working on sustainable tourism research projects and I hope it would be helpful in Iran tourism. It has been 8 months that I have been traveling around Iran and I’m glad to introduce the tourist and historical attractions of my country.

Content Writer

This is Taraneh Sarvari. I’m a Ph.D. student in chemistry. Currently, I work as a teacher of chemistry and computer. I always like to try some different things like traveling. I am an energetic girl laughing from the heart.