There are four ways you can get a visa for Iran:

1. Visa on Arrival (VoA) visa for Iran .

a. Where is it issued?

Visa on Arrival is issued at all international airports/ports below.  (Note: VoA is NOT issued at land or sea borders). visa for Iran .
• Imam Khomeini Airport, Tehran. (IKA)
• Shahid-Dastgheib Airport, Shiraz. (SYZ)
• Kish Airport, Kish. (KIH)
• Shahid-Hasheminejad Airport, Mashad. (MHD)
• Ahwaz Airport, Ahwaz. (AWZ)
• Shahid-Madani Airport, Tabriz. (TBZ)
• Shahid-Beheshti Airport, Isfahan. (IFN)
• Bandar Abbas Airport, Bandar Abbas. (BND)
• Urmia Airport, Urmia. (OMH)
• Bushehr Airport, Bushehr. (BUZ)
• Qeshm Airport, Qeshm. (GSM)
• Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani Airport, Kerman. (KER)
• Shahid-Bahonar Harbor, Bandar. Abbas

b. Which nationalities are eligible?

Two important notes:
* Holders of passports or travel documents containing a visa/stamp from Israel; up to 12 months prior to their application are not eligible for any form of Iranian visa.
** Iranian visa won’t be stamped in passports of European tourists. So, no need to worry if you plan to visit the USA later. visa for Iran .

Citizens of all countries are eligible to obtain a VoA, except the following nationalities:

American, British and Canadian must obtain a visa before their arrival. Also, they must be part of an organized tour group or have an approved tour guide accompanying them the entire trip. So you need to provide a detailed itinerary of the tour to apply for a visa authorization code. visa for Iran .
• Citizens of Afghanistan and Bangladesh must complete their applications IN PERSON at the Iranian embassy or consulate in their native-country. Also citizens of Somalia, Colombia, Pakistan, Iraq, and Jordan must apply for a visa at an Iranian embassy or consulate in their country. No need to be a part of a tour. visa for Iran .
Important: Citizens of Iraq can have visa on arrival at Mashhad airport or Arvand free zone by land. They also can obtain the visa on arrival if have e-visa confirmation. visa for Iran .
Syria is visa-free if arriving by air directly from Damascus, and if not they need a visa in advance

Citizens of the following countries do NOT need a visa (Note: if you want to stay longer than the specified time, you need to apply for a visa).

Turkey (for a maximum stay of 90 days)
• Malaysia (for a maximum stay of 15 days)
• Armenia (for a maximum stay of 90 days)
• Georgia (for a maximum stay of 45 days)
• Azerbaijan (for a maximum stay of 14 days)
• Lebanon (for a maximum stay of 29 days)
• Syria (for a maximum stay of 90 days)
• Egypt (for a maximum stay of 20 days)

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c. How to apply?

1. Complete the application form at VoA counter
2. Give the required documents to the officer (Completed VoA application and Hote reservation)
3. Pay the fee
4. Buy Travel and Health Insurance (about 15 EUR)
* If you have already bought the insurance, you need to have the “Islamic Republic of Iran” specifically outlined on your policy. If yours says ‘Worldwide’, ‘Middle East’, ‘Asia’ or something similar it won’t be accepted and you will be forced to purchase insurance at the airport
5. Give the following documents to the officer at the immigration counter:
• Passport
• Visa sticker
• Travel & Health insurance
• Hotel reservations (at least for the first night of your stay)

2. Apply for an e-Visa

Just go to MFA website and follow the procedure.

3. Get a visa from Iran’s consulate in your country

You can go directly to an Iranian consulate in your country, so fill the forms or any other necessary actions they tell you. It may take a few days to three weeks or more depending on the consulate. Although they will stay connected with you via email usually. visa for Iran .

4.  Our visa service

Why apply through Iranindepth?
• Faster visa processing
• Minimum risk of rejection
• Quick entry (who wants to wait anyway?)
• No extra fee

How to apply?

Please fill the form below completely and upload the required documents, we will take care of the rest. visa for Iran .

Visa Application Form

  • Personal Information

  • Passport Information

  • Must be valid for at least 6 months
  • Details of Trip

  • Must be valid for at least 6 months
  • Must be valid for at least 6 months
  • Ex: Imam Khomeini International Airport OR Germany - Berlin - Embassy
  • Uploads

  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg.
    Your personal photo must be: In color - In JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) file format. - Equal to or less than 500KB (kilobytes) in file size (and not less than 10KB). - In a rectangular aspect ratio (its height must be larger than its width). - At least 400(width) x 600(height) pixels, with the applicant’s face taking up 70-80% of the photo.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg.
    Your passport copy must be: In color. In JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) file format. Only the first page. Full-length images are not acceptable. In a rectangular aspect ratio (its height must be larger than its width). At least 800 (width) x 600 (height) pixels. Sharp without any visible pixels. Properly exposed (not too dark or light). In the right position. Clear and all characters must be readable.

Visa extension visa for Iran .

Normally you get 30 days visa for Iran, but you can extend it twice and stay 60 and 90 days maximum. If you are sure that you need a 60-day extension, try to do it for the first time, and it seems to be possible if you request. For people who are visa-free (14 days) it seems you can extend for 30 days more. It can be done in most important cities and takes times one day or more depending on the situation. Just go to immigration police in each city of Iran for the process. You need to bring your passport, 2 photocopy of first pages, your current visa, and payments in Rial, normally just with Iranian debit card which is about 400,000 Rial.

always check the updated information before going

Usually, there is someone to do that for you, so you can pay him in cash, better to pay Rial. Usually, they ask you the reason for the extension. You can write it down beforehand in English and better a copy of Farsi translation if you have a local friend. visa for Iran .

Central Police Department of Immigration and Passports

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Click on the photo to see the location on Google Map.

Some more tips:

• If you are a hitchhiker, do not mention it as it is not formal in Iran and increase the risk of rejection.
• Self-driving is not approved by the agencies. If you want to get a visa by yourself, there is no need to mention it in your application process. Same goes for cycling or riding a motorbike. Just get the authorization code and get the visa on arrival with your car, bike or bicycle. visa for Iran .
• In most cases, you need to have a photo with covering your hair according to Iran’s Islamic rules.

• The purpose of your trip is tourism

• If you have rejected once, try for the second time via a new way or by another embassy or etc.
• To get an arrival visa, you need to prove that you know a local and give his/her number and address. It is better to book an accommodation like a hotel in advance for at least 1 or 2 nights and give their contact information. visa for Iran .

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