Rasht Bazaar

Rasht Bazaar | Festival of Colors and Delicious Foods

Iranian traditional Bazaars are well known worldwide. Like any other Persian Grand Bazaars, Rasht Great Bazaar is also a daily host for locals and tourists.
Harra Forest

Hara Forests | The green gold of Qeshm Island

Mangrove Forests are located in Hormozgan province, on the coastline of Qeshm Island, and are considered as one of the most stunning tourist attractions in Qeshm.

Izeh | The city with magnificence in history and nature

Izeh is a city in Khuzestan province and is famous for its beautiful landscape and antiquities. This historical city is a favorite destination in south of Iran due to its magnificent and beautiful natural and historical attractions.

The Great Wall of Gorgan | The longest historical barrier between Central Europe and China

The Great Wall of Gorgan, a defensive wall, is located in Golestan province, northeast of Iran and south of the Caspian Sea. It stretches almost 200 kilometers and is lined by 38 forts.
Uramant Bakhtardaily

Uramanat | A mountainous village with stairway architecture

Uramanat (Uraman) or Uramanat Takht is a village of Uraman Takht rural district, which is located in the southwest part of Marivan city, Kurdistan province
karaftoo varzeshva salamat F

Natural-Historical Complex Cave of Karaftoo | The longest hand-carved cave in Iran

Karaftoo Cave is located in the Kurdistan province, near the city of Divandarreh and on the east of Saghez, in the form of a giant rock of limestone in a 45 degree slope surface.
Ghasre shirin

The Historic Ensembles of Ghasr-e Shirin | A symbol of Sassanid architecture and civilization

Historic Ensembles of Ghasr-e-Shirin are located in the Ghasr-e-Shirin town of Kermanshah province. Based on the researches, this town dates back to Sassanid Empire and it is one of the most important tourist attractions of Kermanshah

The Water Museum of Yazd | A museum in desert climate

The Water Museum is located in a historical house named Kolahdouz-ha. This museum displays the relics related to the ten-thousand-year water industry in the heart of the desert and its distinctive point compared to other water museums is that a Qanat line, with hundred years of history, passes through it.
Tehran university F

University of Tehran | The biggest university in Iran

Tehran University, which was established by the order of Reza Shah Pahlavi, is the biggest higher education center in Iran, and also one of the oldest universities around the world. Today, it is known as the best university in Iran. It was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.