Alamut F

Alamut Castle | once impenetrable fortress in the heart of mountains

In the northwest of Qazvin and in the village of Gazarkhan, one could find the remains of Alamut’s historic fortress. Although many parts of Alamut Castle have been ruined over time, it is still one of the spectacular architectural and historical attractions of Iran.
Azadi Tower

Azadi Tower | The original Symbol of Tehran

Azadi Tower, which was known as the Shahyad Tower before the Islamic Revolution, is the original and the most popular urban symbol of Tehran.
Ghale Roodkhan

Ghale Roodkhan | The Hidden Castle in the heart of the northern jungles

Located 47 km of Rasht, Ghale Roodkhan is a brick and stone medieval building in Fooman City. This castle belongs to the Sassanid era, which was built for the central fortress of the army of this dynasty on the northern slope of the Alborz mountain range.
Mohtasham Garden

Mohtasham Garden | Rasht Oldest Park

Rasht is the capital of Gilan province and one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. This city is the largest and most populous city on the southern shores of the Caspian Sea,
Rasht Bazaar

Rasht Bazaar | Festival of Colors and Delicious Foods

Iranian traditional Bazaars are well known worldwide. Like any other Persian Grand Bazaars, Rasht Great Bazaar is also a daily host for locals and tourists.

Sefid Rud River | The longest River in North of Iran

Originating from Chehel Cheshmeh Mountain in the mountains of Kurdistan, the Sefid Rud River easily opened its way among the northern mountains of Iran all the way to the Caspian Sea.
Tehran museum of Contemporary

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art | The largest art museum in Iran

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is the largest art museum in Iran. This museum, which was built by order of Empress Farah and only one year before the Islamic Revolution of 1979, is one of the most popular sights in Tehran for domestic and foreign tourists and art lovers.