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Iran (pronunciation is “Ee-Rahn”, not “I ran”) is a different country which surprises everyone who travels to. It is not a good place for partying and drinking, but a very good place for experiencing unexpected wonders. It is a land of wonderful nature, hospitable people, and rich history.

The video below has been made by a German couple who traveled through the country for about 5000 km. It simply against all negative news about Iran and its people.

History of Iran

The country has been the home to some of the world’s oldest and most important civilizations and empires. For example, Persian empire which was known as Achaemenid Empire stretched from Eastern Europe to the Indus Valley, and was one of the largest empires in the history of mankind, and the first real one.

Below there are videos of “The Forgotten Empire of Achaemenids” and “History of Iran in 10 minutes” which give you a good sense about history of Iran.

What to know before traveling

It is a must to know some facts about each country before traveling to. It helps you to prepare yourself and have a better journey. Reading the below article is highly recommended

If you want to know more from travelers, please check the videos below.

Nature of Iran

Some experts believe that this country is like a small world. The main reason is that it is a four-season country, full of mountains, forests, deserts, beaches, islands, waterfalls, springs, rivers, etc.

Below you can see some awesome movies of our nature:

What do travelers think?

These days we have lots of adventurous travelers around the world who want to visit the country, as it has unseen areas, to promote it worldwide. Most of them have made documentaries about safety, people, attractions, etc which are mostly the opposite of what media normally portrays.

Ultimate guides

below you can find ultimate guides on touristic cities and provinces in Iran.


Attractions of Iran

Iran has a lot to offer you to visit. The country is one of the top 10 countries in the world in case of the number of natural and cultural attractions. Below you can find some of the most well-known attractions which are categorized into 3 parts:


Surprisingly, When travelers finish their trip in Iran, if you ask them what did you like the most about Iran at the end of the tour, more than 95 percent of them tell that “The people of Iran”.

Many world travelers believe that Iranian people are the most hospitable and friendly ones in the world.

Hijab: what to wear?

One of the differences between Iran and all other countries is the law of Hijab. It is not as strict in the past, but you need to follow some certain rules. Generally, you need to wear modest clothes and cover most of the body. For example, boxer and shorts are not so acceptable for men and woman need to wear a scarf or shawl to cover their hair.

The article below covers the issue of Hijab in more details.

Foods in Iran

Many people around the world want to know what the main dish in Iran is. It is not easy to answer this question, as we have different foods in different parts. But generally, rice and bread are the main part of most dishes.

Drinks in Iran

After the Islamic revolution in 1979, there are no alcoholic drinks in the markets. But to compensate that, there are still lots of different drinks which amaze you.

The main drink is tea, which people call it Chai. The most typical tea is black and then green, but we have also different variety of herbal teas around the country. If you like a cold drink, especially in the summer, there are many herbal drinks which make you fresh.

Souvenirs of Iran

Iran is a great place to buy souvenirs. There are artisanal handicrafts  unique to each city which are made with love. From Saffron and Caviar to Handmade Rugs and Artworks masterpiece, you will have lots of options to buy and bring back home in Iran.


getting Iranian visa is not difficult. most travelers including Europeans can get it in Iranian airports on arrivals.

Tours in IRAN

If you are interested in taking any kinds of tour, please contact us.

More About IRAN

bellow you can find more videos about Iran:

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