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Iran can be a challenging destination for solo female travelers who doesn’t know much about this country. Despite this fact that Iran has some specific rules, limitations and so on, there is no need to be worry about. Iran is almost very safe for women, as it is a cultural behavior for most of the men to protect women and try to care about them. Nobody can ignore this fact that there are bad people everywhere, and we should also consider that this is an Islamic country where some people especially in rural areas are not familiar with solo female traveling, and this is strange for them. It worth to read some solo female travelers point of view about their travels in Iran.

As I planned for my solo trip to Iran, I made different preparations than for my other travels. Normal planning and preparation consists of reading blog posts, searching for hotels and hostels online and reading a guidebook or two for historical reference and things to do. Before my travel to Iran I didn’t do any of that. Instead, I focused on more practical preparations for travel to Iran as a woman.

Normally, I know exactly how many days I’ll stay in a place and how to travel to another city. In the 2 months between booking my flights and my departure to Iran, I didn’t think at all about my itinerary. Instead, I went shopping. A lot. I searched for some long sleeve shirts that would cover my bum sufficient enough. Because ladies in Iran, have to obey the rules of hijab, the modest dress. Women in Iran, also travellers, can not wear short sleeves. No cleavage, only loose fitting outfits and shirts have to cover your bum. No dresses but long trousers and of course the head scarf.

I think that learning some basic words will help you tremendously when you want to connect to locals on your travels. That is why I advise you to learn Farsi as part of your preparations for travel to Iran.

Last summer I decided to travel solo to Iran. I took the flight from Istanbul to Shiraz, a city located in the South. As soon as I got in the plane I was very scared. I didn’t know what to do or how to react. As we were landing every woman in the plane started covering their head so I just copied every single move a woman did. I used a scarf to cover my hair and that was enough. Later I discovered a lot of beautiful and colorful hijabs and bought several of them to cover my hair. In this post I share my experiences traveling solo in Iran and also a guide to all the places you should add to your Iran itinerary.

When I was planning my trip my family and friends thought I was crazy. It was my first time in such an exotic country and it was the first time I had to cover my whole body. I didn’t know how to prepare and there was not a lot of travel information available about travelling alone as a girl in Iran. But during my 13 days spent in Iran I did meet other women traveling alone.

Most of the people think Iran is not a safe place to travel and even confuse Iran with Iraq. From my point of view, having spent time in the country, Iran is the best option in the Middle East for a woman to travel alone. People will stare at you because they are curious and for them it is not common to see a girl from any other country travelling alone. But people are very kind and hospitable and don’t have bad intentions.

I travelled in Iran twice. It’s one of the most amazing countries I have been to. Valleys of Qeshm island, Kalut desert, hiking in Mazendaran, Towers of Silence and the abandoned town of Heranek, the palaces of Isfahan and the archeological site of Persepolis are among my most fond memories. An an acient village Abianeh. And the views along the road from Bender-Abbas to Shiraz. And Rayen Castle. And… well, once you go to Iran you’ll never get run out of moments and places to remember.
Is it comfortable and safe to travel in Iran? My experience was totally positive. I travelled by car with a Farsi speaking driver (my ex bf, hahah). Maybe a presence of an Iranian man by my side kept me away from making friends with strangers. Now I kind of regret that)) Couple of times I walked on my own in big cities and attracted a lot of attention as a foreigner (yes, even trying to dress like a local you can’t blend in). People were highly respectful to me. Iranians are concerned about an image of their country and try their best to make travellers feel comfortable.
Unfortunately I don’t have any experience of solo female travelling in this country. But I believe it’s quite safe. Just use your common sense like everywhere. Wearing a hijab was not a big trouble for me. Women are obliged to cover their hair, but it works in public places only. The same I can say about the prohibition to drink alcohol. Since I can survive without grabbing a beer every evening I didn’t suffer in Iran.

I’ve just been in Iran last month in and it was such a great experience. first of all I was travelling with a friend. however this shouldn’t sound a woman should travel with someone. and my travel mate was a girl too. we couch surfed in Iran and it was marvelous experience. but once we stayed in a hostel and we met a lot of women travelling alone and they told me they were doing very well, cos people in Iran is so much hospitable that you find yourself in the middle of a dinner while you are walking through the squares. staying in hotels and in taxis and in restaurants you ll be fine and in the streets ,in cafes everywhere is fine. only experience my friend had was the attempt by a guy to get her bag and she was so surprised that he came back again. but he was not successful at all. but probably you ll meet women travelers and out of any reasons you would decide to travel together which is a different experience also..

I can say all Iran is beautiful my suggestion would be Yazd the city in the desert, that place was where i love most…

about learning Farsi:) it seems complicated but you can work on it even online, you can memorize certain questions but when it come to read what you see in the streets you ll be confused but you have time you can work on and see how it goes.. i ll ask a couple of friends if they have a idea where to learn online easily

i think for now that all i can say
hope it helps

I recently spent 5 days in Iran, it wasn’t long. traveling alone shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, for sure you won’t spend much time alone because it won’t be long before someone invites you into their home. Iranian hospitality is without parallel. 😉

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