Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath | Kashan aristocratic bath

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath is one of the most beautiful and unique historical baths in Iran. The architecture and decorations which used in Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath make it one of the top ten historical baths in the world and represent the unique Iranian architectural art.
Agha Bozourg mosque

Agha Bozourg mosque | world’s first five-story mosque

Agha Bozourg mosque with a history exceeding 180 years is one of the most worth-seeing historical buildings constructed in the Ghajar's era.

Kashan’s bazaar | A gem in the heart of the desert

Kashan's traditional bazaar is one of the most worth seeing historical locations of the city that its beauty catches the attention of every visitor.This bazaar is a memento from three historical eras; Safaviye, Zandiye and Ghajari.
Boroujerdi House

Boroujerdi House | Ghajari love

Boroujerdi House was built in Ghajar's era and is located near Tabatabaei House, Abbasiyan House, and the historical Soltan AmirMohammad's bathhouse.