Persian Carpet

Regarding the Persian carpet, along with the most famous examples of it, which are the Qashqai and Khamseh carpets.This ancient heritage was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010.

Iran is a great place to buy souvenirs due to its old civilization, geographical location and rich cultures.Iran has a very extensive variety of eye-catching souvenirs and handicrafts which can satisfy different tastes of different people.

Ttraveling in Iran is easy and enjoyable as there are Bus, metro, shuttle taxi. private car, domestic flights, bicycle, train, ferry and so on available.

Nowadays, Nowruz is an ancient celebration that is prevalent among many countries . Nowruz, is the first day of the solar year , first day of Farvardin( first month in solar calendar) , and the celebration of the beginning of the Persian New Year.

Beautiful Iran, due to its splendid climate and unique natural geography and variety of weather conditions throughout the year, is the representative of all the beauties you can find in the world.