Jiroft | A splendid cradle of civilization

Jiroft city is located in southern part of Kerman province and Halil Rood (Halil River), the longest river in the southeast of Iran

Shahzade Mahan Garden | A royal garden in the heart of desert

Shahzade Mahan, a historical garden, is located near Kerman city, in the middle of Kerman-Bam road and on the path of the historical Silk Road.
Stone garden

Stone Garden | A garden full of mysteries

Kerman Stone Garden  is located 40 km far from Sirjan , in the heart of the desert. with the form of an irregular hexagon, in an area of 1000 meters, there are 200 trees. with stone fruits.

Windcatcher | representative of Iranian desert architecture

Windcatcher was acknowledged as a world heritage by UNESCO but it's not registered yet. Besides Iran some other countries such as Arab Emirates are trying to register this structure as their own.