Amir Chakhmagh Complex | A spectacular plaza in Yazd

Amir Chakhmagh Complex

Amir Chakhmagh Complex | A spectacular plaza in Yazd

Amir Chakhmagh historical square is the symbol of Yazd and is located at the heart of the city. This outstanding complex contains a caravansary, a traditional bazaar, a bathhoused, a tekye, cold water well and some stores all around the square, and is listed in Iran’s National Heritage Sites.

The history of Amir Chakhmagh Complex

Amir Chakhmagh Complex was built in the 15th century, by Jalal-o-din Amir Chakhmagh, who was the governor of Yazd in Timurids dynasty. It is said that Amir Chakhmagh ordered the construction of this fascinating complex, in order to populate Yazd and completing it wasn’t possible without the cooperation of his wife, Fatemeh Khatoon.

The architecture of Amir Chakhmagh Complex

The architecture of Yazd is a magnificent symbol of Iranian Islamic architecture. Amir Chakhmagh historical complex is well-known for its symmetrical sunken alcoves. It has three stories and there are two tall minarets in the center. There is a spiral staircase on one of the minarets, which is said to give a feeling of claustrophobia, and provides a glorious view of Yazd city. At nights, the structure is lit up by orange lights in the alcoves, giving the structure a magnificent view.

Amir Chakhmagh Mosque

The Amir Chakhmagh mosque, also known as New Jame Mosque or Dohouk Mosque, is the oldest structure in the square and is located on the southern part of the square. It is said that after Jame Mosque of Yazd, this is the biggest, most appealing and most spectacular mosque in Yazd. Interior and exterior designs of this mosque are both absolutely captivating, which have made it an elegant representation of Persian art. Tile and marble designs, inscriptions, fretwork and muqarnas art are beautifully used in this mosque.


There is a traditional bazaar in the center of Yazd, behind Amir Chakhmagh Square. The oldest part of this bazaar is located in the eastern part and is called Haji Ghanbar bazaar, who was its builder and one of Yazd’s rulers. This bazaar is the ideal place for shopping fabric, sweets, candies, carpet gold and Yazd’s crafts.


This complex includes a three-story tekye, where Muslims use to gather in Muharaam (the holy month). Today, only the first floor above the ground is accessible.

Nakhl- Gardani in Amir Chakhmagh Complex

Nakhl-Gardani is the act of carrying a Nakhl (palm) by several strong men on the Day of Ashura. As if it is Imam Hussein’s (Shia’s third Imam) coffin. This tradition dates back to Safavid dynasty, in other words almost 450 years ago.

* Written by Arefeh Firouzan.


Official Website: N/A Entrance fee: 300.000 IRR
Wikipedia: Click here Name(s) in Persian:امیر چخماق
UNESCO Website:N/A Public transportation availability: Yes
Province: Yazd Accommodation availability: Yes
Phone: +98(35) 36217070 Facilities: Yes
Working days: All days Restaurant & Cafe availability: Yes
Opening hours: :N/ABest time to visit: All Seasons

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