Ultimate Guide to Sari | Everything you need to know

Badab-e Surt , Mazandaran Province

Sari city , the capital of Mazandaran province and with the population of around 600,000 located in the north of Iran , is surrounded by the beautiful Caspian Sea (the world’s largest lake) from North and the green slopes of Alborz  mountains from South. There is only a fifteen-minute drive from the city to the sea. The unrivaled location makes for the picturesque scenery available to the many visitors the city hosts every season. Being a four-season city gives the tourists the chance to enjoy the unique nature any time of the year. Tajan River has beautifully parted the city and provided a recreational place for families to spend a quiet and relaxing evening by the side of the river. Velayat Park, a big and beautiful park right in the heart of the city , is also another place families can spend their time together after a long day.

Attractions Sari

Sari city at night, in winter


Sari is humid all throughout the year. Winters are cool and rainy , Summers are hot and sunny ( with the high of 35° C on a hot summer day and low of -2 °C on a cold winter day ) .  Some high mountain areas in the country side are covered in snow during the cold season , which makes them good rasorts for those who are interested in Winter activities. For more info click here

Best time to visit

Tourist can enjoy their time in any season since Mazandaran province is neither too cold in Winter nor too hot in Summer. In Spring visitors find pleasure in sightseeing , in Summer they have the chance to do some swimming , in Fall they can be mesmerised by the colorful forests ,and in Winter they might be willing to enjoy snow in the high areas of the countryside . If you hate sweating you might enjoy your vacation more in Fall , Spring or Winter ,since Mazandaran is humid in Summer.


 The official language is Persian, but you can also hear some people speak Mazandarani, mostly old ones and the ones who come from rural areas to sell their products in the farmer’s market. Young people are not interested in speaking Mazandarani.

Public Transportation

There is no subway in the city. Local people mostly use shared taxis and buses.

Bus Terminals

There are some bus terminals in Sari, So its easy to get around in the county by buses. City buses has destinations to approximately all of the towns in iran, but they are not running everyday. The best option is using hourly buses for Tehran, then continue to other cities in the south. Also it is possible to getting the bus from the IMAM KHOMEINI SQ. which is located in the south east of city when no bus may be founded in the busy days. The main terminal is Dowlat Bus Terminal.


Sari is connected to Gorgan and Tehran by train as well, since it is on a major branch of the Iran’s Railroad. There is a daily train which leaves Tehran in the morning and pass through mountains to get to the city of Sari. Also there is a train going to Gorgan from Tehran and pass Sari. Many believes that experiencing the train between Tehran and Sari during days is a must for adventure lovers. Sari Railway Station


The international airport located in Dasht-e-Naz ( about 20 km away from the city ) receives flights also from neighboring countries. In the vicinity of the city people can use taxis and buses for transportation. Sari is 250 km away from Tehran ( the capital of Iran) and is connected to other cities through roads , railway and air. Dasht-e-Naz Airport ( Sari Airport )


Tourists can visit both historical and natural attractions. Sari is an old city and you can find historical attractions like: Farah-abad complex (25 km away)  , Resket Tower (40 km away) , Ab Anbar No (a  kind of water reservoir , in the center of the city) , Kolbadi House ( in the center of the city) and many more. At the same time visitors have the chance to enjoy the marvelous natural attractions such as: Badab Soort  (a stepped mineral spring , 120 km away) , Gazou Waterfall ( 90 km away ,in the heart of the forest) , Shourmast Lake ( 80 km away) and many other eyecatching attractions in the wild nature.


Kolbadi House

  1. Kolbadi Historical House
  2. Jameh Mosque of Sari
  3. Fazeli House
  4. Soleyman Tangeh Dam
  5. Mustafa Khan Mosque
  6. Resket Tower
  7. Dome Share
  8. Mersisi Forest (sangdeh forest)
  9. Churat Lake
  10. Oben Waterfalls
  11. Zare Jungle Park
  12. No (New) Water Reservoir
  13. Sarandoon and Balandoon Wetland Complex
  14. Imamzadeh Yahya
  15. Hamid Abad Lagoon
  16. Farah Abad Historical Complex
  17. Fazeli House
  18. Pasha Kola Village
  19. Badab Soort (Badab-e Surt)
  20. Vaziri Bathroom

An advisable itinerary for a two-day trip

On the first day we recommend you to visit the historical places , that is if you are interested in history. In the morning you might start from Kolbadi House and Ab Anbar No which are located in the heart of the city , then you may take a ride to Farah Abad Complex which is on the way to the Caspian Sea , and finally get the fresh air by the sea side. You may want to return to the city for lunch. In the afternoon you can take a tour to Resket Tower. The second day will be a good chance to enjoy the nature ,so you can refer to a travel and tour agency to get some information on the available tours to the waterfalls , let’s say Gazou , in the country side. It is highly recommended to refer to the many tour agencies available in the city since the waterfalls and lakes are mostly located in the remote parts of the forests.


Farah-abad complex

 NB:  Sari is a safe city even at night and people are hospitable , so do not hesitate to ask for help if you need any. You can find people who can speak English among the youth. This article has been written by Fereshteh Shokouhi