Farah Abad Complex | Summerhouse of Safavid Kings

Farah Abad Complex | Summerhouse of Safavid Kings

Farah Abad Complex

About 28 km to the north of Sari city , right in the middle of the road to the Caspian Sea , on your right you can see the remains of an old city called Farah Abad which was built during the Safavid era (1501- 1722 AD ) . Although most parts are destroyed , you can visit the mosque , the school , a part of the Shah Abbasi bridge and a wall of the palace with the combination of eastern and western architecture, and the bath which are the remaining parts from that era. The complex was built by Shah Abbas l ( the founder of Safavid dynasty) and the Georgians or Armenians who lived in Iran after the war moved there. The city takes up about 30 hectares. Safavid kings took interest in spending summertime in this city which was then burnt by Russian troops.

These were all the historical attractions of the complex whereas it has lots of natural attractions as well, such as a beautiful sand beach, wide and long rivers, great weather, fruit gardens, various birds flying around, beautiful villas, thick clump of trees and of course the opportunity to experience some water activities such as fishing, swimming, surfing and so on. There will also be tea houses to take a rest and restaurants to taste traditional seafood.

*Written by Fereshteh Shokouhi.

Official Website: N/A Entrance fee: Free
Wikipedia: Click here Name(s) in Persian: فرح آباد
UNESCO Website: N/A Public transportation availability: N/A
Province: Mazandaran Accommodation availability: Yes
Phone: N/A Facilities: N/A
Working days: All days Restaurant & Cafe availability: Yes
Opening hours: :N/ABest time to visit: All Seasons

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