Vaziri Bathhouse | A symbol of Iranian art and skill in a Persian house

Vaziri Bathhouse

Vaziri Bathhouse | A symbol of Iranian art and skill in a Persian house

Vaziri Bath is a traditional bathhouse which is located in Sari, Mazandaran province. The construction materials used in this bath and its architectural features have made this building one of the valuable historical attractions of Sari.

The history of the bath

This historical structure was constructed in late Qajar dynasty and was part of the vast house of Vaziri, which belonged to one of the famous families of Sari. Vaziri House has been destroyed over time and only its bath has been remained. Therefore, it is called Vaziri Bath.

The only entrance to this bath is from Kolbadi House as they are located next to each other. Kolbadi House is now known as The Museum of handicrafts and Traditional arts of Sari.

The architecture of the bath

With a surface area of 200 square meters, this bath like other Persian baths consists of different sections. As you enter, you’ll see the first section of Persian Baths which is called Sarbineh (the changing room). There is a small octagonal pond right in the center of Sarbineh, with four platforms located around it there people used to sit on them. Next to these platforms, there are spaces called Pashoyeh, which means washing the feet.  In order to prevent the entrance of pollutions to the bath, people could easily wash their feet in them. Also, they could wash their feet again on their way out of the bath, so their body’s temperature level would be steady and ready to leave the bath.

The Garm Khaneh (hot chamber) of Vaziri Bath has also been designed in an octagonal form. Garm Khanehs usually had one way for entrance and exit, in order to prevent the heat going out of the bath. Also, the long and carved ways between Sarbineh and Garm Khaneh, prevented the transformation of coldness and heat between inside and outside of bath.

* Written by Arefeh Firouzan.


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