Stone Garden | A garden full of mysteries

Stone garden

Stone Garden | A garden full of mysteries

Stone Garden

Kerman Stone Garden  is located 40 km far from Sirjan , in the heart of the desert. with the form of an irregular hexagon, in an area of 1000 meters, there are 200 trees. with stone fruits. Although this village has neither delicious fruits, nor a pleasant climate, nor beautiful landscapes, it has become one of the fantastic attractions and attracts thousands of tourists every year.


Darvish Khan Esfandiarpour, was a deaf and dumb man and also one of the great landowners of Sirjan. After the Land Reform (changes in the ownership of agricultural lands by large landowners to smallholders and its redistribution among farmers), which was implemented in 1341, he lost a significant amount of his property. Eventually, due to lack of irrigation, all of his remaining land trees dried up. He became Disappointed by the incident and started to collect the dried trees of his garden and others in the nearby desert in one of his old gardens. Then by digging holes in the ground, he planted large numbers of dried trees and began hanging stones from the branches of the trees.

In addition to stone, he hung on other things such as punctured tires, broken mirrors, springs, and even animal skulls, goat horns, and anything else he could imagine, but most of the garden was made up of the stone fruits. Most of the stones in this garden have a hole, which the branches have passed through them.

The exciting thing about the stone garden is that all the rocks attached to the trees are skillfully perforated, while there was no device or equipment for drilling the stones. The presence of such stones in that area where the stone is not available is surprising; these stones are found in the surrounding mountains that are 4 to 5 km far from the stone garden. According to his relatives, the stones were collected by Darvish Khan from around and especially from the nearby mountains.

The Green Stone Heart

The reason for the construction of the garden is ambiguous. This stone garden is a reflection of Darvish Khan’s life. His relatives say he was so pleased because his disappointment and protest had led to a garden that would never be destroyed. If we look deeply at this garden, we will see the green heart of an artist who has tried to convey his protests in the form of a permanent art to the whole world with his artistic language. The body of this hero is buried in this garden.


Two films have been made about the stone garden, which named “Old Man and Stone Garden” and “Stone Garden.” The “Stone Garden” won the Silver Bear Award at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1976 with Darwish Khan’s attendance.

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* Written by  Tannaz Akbari and Translated by Amineh Barzegar .


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