Similarities between 10 attractions in Iran and the World

Similarities between in Iran and the World

Similarities between attractions in Iran and the World.

Beautiful Iran, due to its splendid climate and unique natural geography and variety of weather conditions throughout the year, is the representative of all the beauties you can find in the world. Having mountainous views , beautiful valleys and canyons and the world’s most famous Hyrcanian Forests which are known as the oldest ones in the world , surrounded by the world’s largest lake in the north and a long coastline in the south stretching from the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea to the Indian Ocean and seasonal and non-seasonal lakes like Urumieh as a bio reserve , deserts like “Kavir Desert” that is nicknamed as “Iran’s Africa” due to its vastness and variety of rare species , the meeting line between the desert and the sea, national and geo parks and geological phenomena are all the proofs to show that Iran has a sample of each of the world’s attractions.In order to support our claim, we mention a few of the resemblances:

Aladaghlar Rainbow mountains in Zanjan and Zhangi Danxia in China

On the way to Miane through Mahneshan or on Zanjan-Tabriz freeway your eyes are caught by a range of colourful mountains. This extraordinary phenomenon that is called Rainbow Mountains is known as Aladaghlar in Azari language. The range stretches from the vicinity of Mahneshan to Ahar in east Azerbaijan. Substances like copper, iron, zinc and other minerals have beautifully created colors like red, brown, orange, green, yellow and white throughout 15 -million -year time.
You can find alike mountains in Zhangi Danxia Land Form geo park in Gansu province, northwest of achina that takes up about 200 square miles, which is suggested as a world heritage site to UNESCO in 2009.

Similarities between in Iran and the World

Miniature Mountains in Chabahar and Miniature Mountains in Atacama,Chile

There are geomorphological phenomena in Chabahar which are called yardang, martian mountains or miniature mountains that begin from the west of Kenarak in Kahir region and also in the northern coast of Oman sea which are stretched along the coastline in Kachoo region toward Chabahar -Quatr road.
These lands are considered barren or infertile ground and are also sometimes known as badland. The main cause of creation of these mountains is the tectonic process of the subduction of Oman crust underneath Makran. That is, these mountains were burried under soil which had been swept away by climate change and rain. A dead valley phenomenon, without vegetation and pasture due to infertile soil, together with grooved and malformed mountains is formed by rain and wind erosion. This site attracts a lot of tourists every year. This phenomenon resembles an alike one in Atacama Desert which is one of the driest ones in South America. The desert which is covered with sand and salt is situated in the middle of 3 countries: Chile, Peru, and Bolivia. Due to rich minerals in its soil, Atacama is one of the biggest sources of sodium nitrate in the world which is under exploitation.Similarities between in Iran and the World

Khazineh Canyon in Lorestan and Grand Canyon Arizona in USA

Khazineh Canyon, an almost unknown tourist attraction even for Iranian people, is located on the way between Pol-e-dokhtar to Andimeshk, next to a village with the same name. This natural and splendid phenomenon is formed throughout years by erosion. You can also enjoy one of the biggest suspended bridges in Iran.
This natural and beautiful attraction can be listed right next to its alike canyon (Grand Canyon in USA) and attract thousands of tourists and be a good destination for photographers and mountaineers. The omega-shaped bend where Karkheh river flows reminds us of Grand Canyon national park in Arizona where Colorado river flows.

Similarities between in Iran and the World

A coastal desert, where the sea and the desert meet and Tang port in Chabahar and Namibia beaches

Tang village in Chabahar, Sistan and Balouchestan portrays a coastal desert which attracts a lot of Iranian and international tourists. The area which is located 80 km away from Konarak is an important site not only because of its being a coastal river but also due to a coral reef, mangrove forests, sea grass and sea turtles that you can find there.
Sandy and rocky beaches, sacred fig tree, and mud volcano hills are some of the other attractions that this unique port in Konarak, Chabahar offers the tourists. Also you can enjoy the same scenery in two other spots in Chabahr: the well-known village of Darak and a site 5 km away from Ramin beach toward martian mountains.
You can find the most famous international equivalent to this in Namib Desert in East Africa which attracts a lot of international tourists who may take unforgettable surrealistic photos from the dunes along the Atlantic Ocean. The name of the desert is derived from “nama” meaning “vast”, for it is 80950 km large and is stretched from Kuiseb river to Luderitz.
We may also find the like phenomenon in Peru, Sudan, and Chile.

Chabahar glowing beach in Iran and Vaadhoo glowing beach in Maldives

Glowing beaches of Chabahar is another elegant sight in this unique region of mysterious Balouchestan, where you can find microscopic phytoplanktons in Fall and Winter nights which glow like blue diamonds. This staggering beauty appears in Tang Port beaches and the Big Sea.You are drowned in the sea of stars on this dark and shining beach.The blue glow of phytoplanctons act like a defense mechanism which prevents other sea creatures from eating them. Phytoplanctons still glow inside the body of the fishes that eat them.Similar to this beautiful phenomenon is present in Vaadhoo island in Maldives, and one of the Raa Atoll islands that has a population of less than 500 people.All you need is to search for an expensive tour for Maldives.The result might be disappointing because the cheapest tour with today’s exchange rate is more than 15 million Toman for just 5 nights.

Similarities between in Iran and the World

Beris Cliff side beaches in Chabahar and Bunda Cliff side beaches in Australia

The magnificent Beris beaches, 65 km away from eastern Chabahar is an extraordinary but almost unknown destination for the world’s tourism in terms of eco-tourism and geo tourism due to its high cliff side beaches, golden sand beaches, crab and turtle beaches, martian mountains, beautiful pier and dreamy sunset.
These beaches resemble their alike ones called Bunda Cliff Side beaches which are one of the attractions in Australia.

Similarities between in Iran and the World

Lipar Pink Lake in Chabahar and Hillier Pink Lake in Gibson, Australia

On the road from the eastern side of Chabahar to goat, a pink wetland glows beautifully. The phenomenon is caused by phytoplanktons that have different color pigments such as blue, red, yellow, green and brown.
So it is observed in variety of colors but because red is a more dominant color, most of the year the wetland is seen as red or pink.
In terms of color and location by the ocean it looks like one of the famous tourist attractions in southwest of Australia named Pink Lake Hillier.
The lake is 600 m long and 250 m wide surrounded by sand and a dense forest of paperwoods and Eucalyptus and also narrow strip of sand hills covered with vegetation.
They separate the lake from the ocean as a sandy coastal Lipar.

Similarities between in Iran and the World

Elf Chimney (Hoodoo Phenomenon), Behestan Castle in Zanjan and Elf Chimney -Bryce Canyon in Utah

In Georaphy a column of alluvial sediments placed under the rock with eroded edges and sides is called Elf chimney.
Elf chimneys are the head mountains or the thin and tall stone minarets that come out from dry and arid basins or rocky lands and Badlands. These Geological chimneys, which may be 1.5 to 45 meters high, usually contain soft rocks on which harder, less damaged rocks are placed. This protects them from erosion factors.
This phenomenon is normally seen in the sedimentary rocks or the volcanic ones.
Actually the shape of the chimney is like a mushroom which is formed by erosion and looks like a long-thin minaret on which there is another piece of stone.
This phenomenon is usually seen in America and its pictures are well-known in “Bryce Canyon”. The chimneys are also seen in the west of Mississippi river and east of the Rocky Mountains in America and Canada. People even live there in Kopetdag District in Turkey. They can also be found in Alps in France, Serbia and Taiwan.

Similarities between in Iran and the World

Shirz canyon in Kuhdasht, Lorestan and Kings Canyon in Australia

Shirz, a pristine and dreamy canyon which is located in Kuhdasht, Lorestan, is listed as a national geosite. This almost unknown canyon is a suitable place for tourists, mountaineers, and photographers. This lush zone is located 55 kilometers away from Kuhdasht, at the spot where Kermanshah, Ilam, and Lorestan meet, near Simre river.
This place is sorrounded by 150-200 m high walls with a slope begining at the hight of 10 m near Godargah village reaching its highest point in Haft Rack cliff at the end of the canyon. There are also some small and big springs in this canyon and a waterfall called Shirz. Shirz canyon looks like a canyon with the same shape in Australia.
Kings Canyon is a part of Wantarrka national park at the southwest of northern region which is located alongside Red Cliffs with a great forest view right in front of you. This park is 450 km (280 miles) away from Ellis springs.
Kings Canyon is a magnificent destination that includes thousands of sandstones and foam-filled grooves and forms a unique scenery in the heart of the desert. You may enjoy your trip more than ever by flying over the canyon and the park on a helicopter.

The Abr forest in Semnan and National park in British Columbia

The Abr forest is located 45 km away from northern Shahrud on the road between Shahrud and Azadshahr, the borderline of Semnan and Golestan provinces.
These forests are part of the Hyrcanian forests, the oldest ones that are aged more than a milion years, and are here since Jurassic, the third geological time.
So it might be hard to believe but we have the opportunity to see forests that have lived about 40milion years.
The clouds trapped behind this wall always flow to the South through the valleys. Locating in the low-pressure and high-pressure areas, i.e, Gorgan plain and Abr area, has made the clouds move whenever the Earth gets energy. Only in terms of cloud phenomenon, Abr Forest has many foreign examples like National Parks in British Columbia in Canada. British Columbia exclusively has the world’s interior temperate forests, all found in the British Columbia’s mountains. The interior wet belt owes its moisture to atmospheric systems that enter from the Pacific Ocean and climb the Colombia Mountains. Mostly old rainforests which are similar to coastal rain forests are results of this moisture that causes an ocean of clouds like Abr Forest in Shahroud. Tourist attractions of this area are Monte Parks and glaciers located in a part of the forest band which is spanned the US border from the North to Wells Gary State Park.

Similarities between in Iran and the World

Surprisingly, the desert rulers of UAE, our southern neighbors, earned $30 billion from tourism in 2017 by hosting 15 million tourists in Dubai although they don’t have even one UNESCO record.
Hopefully with the credit we have in tourism and all the precìous attractions together with the improvements in infrastructures our country will soon become one of the world’s tourism hubs.

* Written by Rohollah Ghotbi and Translated by Fereshteh Shokouhi.

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