Shahzade Mahan Garden | A royal garden in the heart of desert

 Shahzade Mahan Garden

Shahzade Mahan Garden | A royal garden in the heart of desert

Shahzade Mahan, a historical garden, is located near Kerman city, in the middle of Kerman-Bam road and on the path of the historical Silk Road. The attraction of this garden is the fact that, its locating in the heart of the desert and the contrast it has made between the garden’s greenery in the inside and the dry environment on the outside. This splendid garden has been inscribed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Shahzade Mahan Garden’s characteristics

This garden is a sample of Iranian flat gardens which was built in a rectangular plan with a surface area about 5.5 hectors. It has a length of 407 meters and is 122 meters in width that consists of two eastern and western complexes. There are lots of fountains in the garden’s length which cause more freshness in the environment and not many gardens in Iran have used as many fountains as this garden. The Garden’s fountains were wisely built which are working only based on height difference, slope usage and without any other force. The Garden’s water is supplied by Ghanat and Tigran River.

The architecture of Shahzade Mahan Garden

The garden’s inner building consists of a portal, Shah-Neshin (alcove), main mansion, Khalvat Garden and bath. Its construction took 11 years and is related to Ghajar’s era. The beautiful portal of this garden is like a frame, which is surrounding the garden’s inner beauties and was built at garden’s entrance in 2 stories and many rooms. Mansion or the garden’s main building is located in the garden’s upper end which contains the Shah-Neshin (alcove) and is used as a restaurant today.

3 pieces of tiles

Garden’s inner building was built by Abd-ol-Hamid Mirza prince (Naser-e -Ddin Shah’s grandson) and what made this building appealing, is the gap of three tiles on the tiled vault. It is said that upon hearing the news of the governor’s sudden death, the mason who was busy completing the portal, smashed the Taghar (mud tub) which he was holding in his hands to the wall, then abandoned the job and ran away.
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* Written by Tannaz Akbari  and Translated by Arefeh Firouzan.


Official Website: N/A Entrance fee: 500.000IRR
Wikipedia: Click here Name(s) in Persian: باغ شاهزاده ماهان
UNESCO Website: Click here Public transportation availability: N/A
Province: Kerman Accommodation availability:N/A 
Phone: +98342 6222103 Facilities: N/A
Working days: All days Restaurant & Cafe availability: N/A
Opening hours: :N/ABest time to visit: All Seasons

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