Sepah Street | Iran’s First Modern Street

Sepah Street

Sepah Street | Iran’s First Modern Street

If you are going to travel to Qazvin, don’t forget to visit the first modern Street in Iran. Sepah Street was built when Qazvin was the capital of Iran in the Safavid era.

Critical Historical Buildings in Sepah Street

Sepah Street is located in the original and old part of the city, in the heart of the important and famous historical buildings of Qazvin such as Qazvin Grand Mosque, Chehelsotoun Palace, Aali Qapou Mansion and Covered Bazaar. This Street is also near Saad Al-Saltanah Caravanserai. The existence of various historical monuments in this Street shows that it is ancient and even one of the most important historical monuments left from the Safavid era.

Chehelsotoun Palace

The most famous building in the city, the Chehelsotoun Palace, is a beautiful mansion that has now turned into the museum. It was a place for hosting foreign guests, ambassadors of foreign countries, and important persons during Shah Tahmaseb’s kingdom.

Aali Qapou Mansion

The entrance of Aali Qapou is one of the seven great gates, and the presence of azure inscriptions is one of the beautiful elements of this entrance. This 17 meter high entrance is designed to show the greatness of the Safavid court to foreign guests. Nowadays, this Street is paved with an old design, and there are shops and old-fashioned stores around it.

Chaharbagh Street

Interestingly, the beauty and design of this Street have been too influential. So a few years later, when the capital of Iran was changed from Qazvin to Isfahan, a street which now names Chaharbagh was built based on Sepah Street’s model.

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* Written by Tannaz Akbari and Translated by Amineh Barzegar.

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