The historical port of Siraf | An ancient and prosperous port

Bandar Siraf

The historical port of Siraf | An ancient and prosperous port

The Historic Port of Siraf (formerly known as Taheri Port) is located in central district of Kangan city in Bushehr province, and is one of the most astonishing sites in south of Iran. Siraf Port is located between a mountain range and the Persian Gulf, with a marvelous and exceptional landscape. Siraf Port was inscribed on the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

The port’s history

It was founded in the Sassanid Empire and is the most important port of Iran from its foundation to the 4th century Hegira. In the time of the Silk Road it provided commercial relationships with other cultures and civilizations, whether near or far.

The port is also home to historical monuments, making it a favorite destination for visitors, such as:

Rainwater Storages

Rainwater storage ponds in the ancient port of Siraf are rectangular, located on the mountain’s slope. Rainwater from the higher ponds flowed down and filled the lower ponds. Based on the bones found in them, some believe that this place could have been used as family graves of local people.

Deep rock wells

Historic rock wells of Siraf Port are about 100 in number in the valleys called Lir and Shillar. The depths of some of these wells reach 130 meters which get filled with water in cold and rainy seasons.

Sheikh Nasori Castle

It was founded in early Qajar’s and has a history of more than 200 years. Located on a high hill overlooking the Persian Gulf, it has an inner court, an outer court, an alcove and has a marvelous balcony which has been carved with18 scenes of Shahnameh Ferdowsi in its east Iwan.

Qutb al-Din Siraf Tomb

It is one of the cultural symbols of Siraf. Qutb al-Din was a scholar in Shia.

The grave of civilizations (Gur-e-Tamadon ha)

The grave of civilization is one of the most stunning ancient sites of this port in which people with different religions were buried.

Siraf’s Jameh Mosque

Being one of the very important buildings of this area, it was built in post-Islam time.

 Gur-e-Sibuyeh (The Tomb of Sibuyeh)

Sibuyeh was a noble Persian scholar who lived in 8th century and his tomb is in Dare Lir.

*Written by Arefeh Firouzan.

It should be mentioned that this port has many beautiful handicrafts, ideal for souvenirs.

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