One day Qazvin tour | Explore Culture and History
  • Duration and Date

    July 26th | Mordad 4th
    Departure: 6:00 a.m.
    Expected to arrive Tehran before 21:00

  • Location

    Qazvin, Iran.

  • Transportaion

    Private minibus

  • Price

    195,000 Toman

How to book our Qazvin tour?

Please contact +98 912 847 0042 via Whatsapp.

Meeting point: Argentina Square, in front of Saman Bank

* Iranians and foreigners are welcomed likewise.


One licensed English-speaking guide and two more guides as assistants accompany you during the tour.


Breakfast, lunch, and snack.

Other Services

Private minibus, entrance fees, and travel insurance

* Breakfast is served when we arrive in Qazvin (expected to arrive around 8:30 to 9:00)

** For lunch, you can choose Gheymeh Nesar (the local food of Qazvin). If you are a vegetarian, you can order smashed eggplant (Kashk-e Bademjan).

Note: our group tours are run on specified dates. If you are interested in taking this tour privately, please contact us and specify your desired date. The tour can be also tailor-made upon your request. 

History and Culture

Just two hours away from Tehran, as a former capital of Safavid dynasty and a human settlemnt thousand years ago, Qazvin has a lot to offer. Qazvin is now known as the capital of calligragphy and Chehel Sotoun Palace has turned to a museum of calligraphy.


Being on the trade route of Silk Road, Qazvin used to host caravans. This 100-year old caravanserai remained from Qajar dynasty is a popular place to walk, buy, have coffee and enjoy its peaceful environment. It is the largest urban covered caravanserai in Iran.

Local life

You can enjoy the antiquity while walking down the first street built in Iran, called Sepah, visiting the local lifestyle alongside the street and the Grand Mosque of Qazvin.

What to do to have a better experience in our tour to Qazvin:

  • Please have your own personal glass. We do not use disposable stuff.
  • Have your ID card
  • Have sunscreen, sun glasses, power bank, small notebook and a pen
  • Have your camera to take wonderful photos
  • Bring a happy face and a bright smile along