One Day Kashan tour | Abouzeidabad Desert | Underground City
  • Duration and Date

    Nov 1st | Aban 10th
    Departure: 5:00 a.m.
    Expected to arrive Tehran before midnight

  • Location

    Kashan, Iran.

  • Transportation

    Private minibus

  • Price

    190,000 Toman

How to book this Alamut tour?

Please contact 0937 320 7047 on Whatsapp. 

Meeting point: Argentina Square, in front of Saman Bank

* Both Iranians and foreigners are likewise welcome to join.


Persian- and English-speaking guides.


Breakfast, traditional lunch, and snack.

Other Services

Private minibus, entrance fees, and travel insurance

Highlights of the tours:

  • Have fun in the desert
  • Visiting the amazing underground city of Nooshabad
  • Visiting a 400-year-old caravanserai
  • Learn useful English expressions for traveling

Note: our group tours are run on specified dates. If you are interested in taking this tour privately, please contact us and specify your desired date. The tour can be also tailor-made upon your request. 


Deserts are one of the natural attractions in Iran. In this Kashan tour, in addition to walking on the beautiful sand dunes and enjoying the silence, vastness, and spectacular landscape of the desrt, it is posible to experience camel riding, paragliding, and riding ATVs. Visiting a desert in the fall is a must. Be sure not to miss it.

Underground city of Nooshabad

This underground city in Kashan is also known as Ouei. It has been built by Sasanid dynasty in three levels and now it resides next to a water storage built by Safavid. It has some amazing stories of how it has been built and discovered. The science behind its design is very interesting. Wanna know more? Then go and visit it on this Kashan tour 🙂


This 400-year-old Caravanserai is one of the Shah Abasi Caravanserais that is still functional and used as a desert resort. In this tour, you have the chance to visit it and hear its stories.

What to do to have a better experience in this Alamut tour:

  • Please have your own personal glass. We do not use disposable stuff
  • Have sunscreen, sun glasses, hiking shoes, sun hat, and some water
  • Have your camera to take wonderful photos
  • Have your ID card
  • Bring your smile and happy face

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