Isfahan free walking tours help you visit and explore Isfahan with locals and taste it as it really is.

When traveling to big cities, there are many places you’d like to visit, but you may find yourself either badly-off in terms of information or need someone to serve as your guide helping you not waste your time. And sometimes you feel like getting together with others walking through the city to have fun or getting someone to describe the attractions of your choosing.

To do the above, you might need to take part in city-walking tours and to do so, you most probably think of two options: booking a tour in advance, which for certain runs the risk of ending up in you paying money for a service that may turn out to be a total distaste. The other option would be ‘Free Walking Tours’, which carries some advantages like you don’t need to pay money in advance; just book the tour free of charge and go lacing up your walking shoes. In the end, you only tip the tour guide as much money as you wish depending on factors such as the length of the tour, the information you get, the places you visit and your satisfaction. You can also call it ‘pay-what-you-like tours’.

If you happened to find the tour dissatisfying, nobody is going to twist your arm! We will simply shake hands, keep our happy face, and wish each other good luck. You can also leave the tour at the time and place of your choosing, and the reason is highly respected no matter what. We provide a platform for licensed, local, and freelance tour guides to lead tours at no upfront costs. We believe that traveling can be affordable – even free!

About Isfahan

Historical cities like Isfahan with so many different periods of times and stories that they have been through have countless things to offer. Therefore, you need a local tour guide who has already discovered the historical corners of the city and has sufficient information and of course is fun enough to provide you a joyful day full of laughter, fun and historical, cultural information. In Isfahan free walking tours, we provide you different paths according to your interests, Christian Armenian area, Safavid governmental zone, Seljuk area and etc. There are also some less touristic corners in which you will feel the pure local culture and hear amazing stories in advance.

Esfahan Free Walking Tours

Si-o Se Pol

Isfahan , also known as Nesf-e Jahan which means half of the world, is the 3rd largest city of Iran and has always been an important city. It has been the capital in some dynasties like Ziarid, Seljuk and Safavid. Isfahan owes its flourishment to Shah Abbas the great who chose this city as the capital of Persia at Safavid dynasty during the 16th and 17th century.

Esfahan Free Walking Tours

Vank Church | Jolfa District

Isfahan with its amazing tiled mosques, bridges, minarets, palaces, paintings, and handicrafts has the potential to impress those who love to see the growth of Iranian architecture and art during different dynasties. The most beautiful attraction is Naqsh-e Jahan square, the second biggest square registered as a UNESCO world heritage.

Esfahan Free Walking Tours

Naqsh-e Jahan Sq.

Why choose us?

To visit Isfahan in depth and enjoy listening to the folklore stories, learning about the history of the city and local lifestyle, you can join our Isfahan free walking tours. Iranindepth with the aim of showing the rich history of Isfahan offers different free walking tours every week in Isfahan.
These days, you are only some clicks away from many different free walking tours in big cities around the world and can find many freelance tour guides working in the business. Thanks to our well-experienced tour guides, Iranindepth have decided to run free high-quality walking tours in Isfahan based on tips. Accordingly, we plan a tour, hammer out the details, make it public, bring the participants on board, take feedbacks, etc. So, just do the BET: Book, Enjoy, and Tip. Tip to get us rolling and give feedback to help us grow as we walk.
Besides all this, Iranindepth also enjoys a unique range of customized tours. Send us the list of places that interest you and leave the rest with us.


Now we have routes which are walked on certain days. In the case of opening a new route, we will let you know right away on our social media.

Every Tuesdays and Thursdays

Route 1: Isfahan Free walking tours | Safavid route


Each tour takes 2.5 hours


It is free of charge and you can pay a tip as much as you enjoyed it.


Due to possible limitations at times, we recommend you to book your favorite tour before it is filled to capacity!

Good to know:

Please bring some water and a snack.

A sunhat, sunglasses, and comfortable walking shoes help.

Have your passport or ID card by yourself.

Frequently Asked Question:

What currencies do you accept as a tip?

Euro or USD are preferred, but you can also pay in Rial.

Where is the meeting point?

Meeting-point is different depending on the route.