Meybod | One of the oldest adobe structures in the world


Meybod | One of the oldest adobe structures in the world

Meybod Town is located in the center of Iran, 50 kilometers away from Yazd. This city has many historical buildings and tourist attractions and has been selected as the city of Zilu in the World Craft Council. Due to having borders with Iran’s central desert, this city has a hot and dry climate. The best time to travel to this city for visiting tourist attractions and observing the sky at night is early spring and fall. the Same as other cities of Yazd province, geographical location and the clear sky of this region, have provided a possibility to observe the sky at night for tourists and has been inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Meybod city has a historical back ground of thousand years and is considered as one of the Iran’s first sedentary locations. This city expanded in Sassanid era and got a city-like structure. Based on the conducted researches, its first habitants took up residence in this region long before Sassanid. Meybod, like other cities in Sassanid era, was in a rectangular network with main axis crossed, all in a crossed form, in a way that the end of the main axes reached the city’s four gates. Later in Mozaffarian era, Meybod expanded and grew in city’s firmness construction, new gates, Kanghah and baths. This city has valuable structures like Narin Ghale (Narin Castle), Dovecote Tower, Jaame Mosque of Meybod, Meybod caravansary, Meybod Yakhchal, Kochak (small) neighborhood and Zilu Museum.

Narin Ghale (Narin Castle)

Narin Castle is known to be one of the oldest adobe structures in the world. The structure of this historical building is related to Sassanid era. Nevertheless, based on the researches done in this place, it was the first residential location in Yazd province, 4000 BC. Narin Castle with a surface area of about 3 hectors and 7 stories high was built on top of a high hill in the center of Meybod city and has been inscribed as one of the Iran’s National Heritage Sites. Some sections of this building are located in an area named Koochak (small) or Koshk neighborhood that has 4 high towers. This area is one of the Iran’s historical structures. Due to the fact that its situated on the Silk Road, this castle had a great importance in the past.

Dovecote Tower

Dovecote Tower was built in Ghajar era and has a capacity of 4000 bird’s dovecotes. This structure was built in order to supply the amount of fertilizer needed by the farmers and its design and architecture suits the purpose. Dovecote Tower has a cylindrical structure and there’s a big bowl for saving water on its roof. Its plaster and brick decorations prevented the snakes and big birds from entering the tower.

Zilu Museum

Zilu Museum is located in the east hall of Meybod’s old caravansary and is a storage spot for keeping zilues which are 500 years old. Zilu is a kind of handmade mat, weaved with cotton and is very similar to Hasir. Plant-based colors like red, blue and brown are used in traditional Zilu woven. The oldest Zilu is remained from the 15th century A.D. which is kept at Jameh Mosque of Meybod. In 2018, Meybod city was selected as the international city of Zilu.


The distance between Tehran and Meybod is about 570 kilometers and the journey takes about 7 hours via bus or train. This city doesn’t have an airport and Yazd’s airport should be used for flights. The distance between the airport and Meybod is about 55 kilometers and it takes about an hour. Taxi and bus are used in order to transport inside the city.

Restaurant and residence

From well-known residences in Meybod city, we can remark Haj Malek Hotel, where the traditional Haj Malek restaurant is located. Furthermore, Attar Eco lodge, Behjat Hotel and Golshan Hotel are of Meybod’s residences. Of other well-known and traditional restaurants, Shah Abbasi caravansary’s restaurant and Shayan restaurant can be mentioned.

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* Written by Pegah Nikkhah and Translated by Arefeh Firouzan.


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