Mesr Desert | Golden Sand Dunes

Mesr Desert | Golden Sand Dunes

Mesr Desert

Did you know that Iran is one of the countries where by spending only a few hours you can see different landscapes and enjoy their views? Forests, mountains, steppes, valleys, waterfalls, snow, plains, deserts, …
The word “sea” reminds us of a large amount of water, with a view of the waves dancing on the beach, but, how much are you familiar with the Sand Sea? What is the first image that comes in your mind? Anyway is there such a sea at all!!?
Yes, there is, we can see this beautiful natural scenery in the heart of Iran’s central desert.
The small Mesr village is located in Khour and Biabanak County 50 kilometers north of the Khour and is one of the most beautiful deserts in Iran that many tourists from Iran and abroad travel to this wonderful spot every year. The green agricultural lands around the village have created a marvelous landscape alongside the surrounding golden dunes.
Mesr village is almost a hundred years old and in the old days it was known as Chah Deraz and Mazrae Yousef.
As far as it can be seen, the surrounding area is covered with long and short sandy golden dunes. This special and beautiful scenery is causing the area to be famous as the sand sea. Just stand on one of the dunes and the golden sea will appear in front of your eyes. The short and long sandy dunes shine like shaky waves of the sea under the sun. One of the highest sand dunes in Iran is located here.

The vegetation includes Haloxylon, Smirnova turkestana Bge, Tagh Taghoo . all of which are planted in sand and gravel. The wildlife is also awesome and includes Rueppell’s fox, sand cat, black-tailed bird, Schokari sand racer, diadem snake, Echis, different Scorpion types, Trapelus agilis, Jaculus,…. A large number of wildlife enthusiasts and photographers travel to this area every year to see these rare species. Besides the high relaxation and energy of the area and purifying your soul and mind in the beautiful Mesr desert, you can also experience camel riding on sand dunes, off-road driving , motor riding on dunes, paraglider, desert touring, walking on the dunes, photography of pristine nature, seeing the unsurpassed sunrise and sunsets on the high dunes, night stays at desert camps and observing the stars , visiting Takht-e-Aroos and Gorilla valley, watching the beautiful canebrakes in the desert and other amazing activities.
Nowadays, the village has a traditional hotel and a variety of eco-tourisms to accommodate tourists, some handicrafts and dairy shops and organic products in the village. These eco-tourisms offer a variety of recreational services beside the accommodation.

Despite all the beauty and wonders of this area, there are also some dangers. So to leave the village and enter the desert area all the trips must be group tours and with complete equipments and with the help of a local leader who is familiar with the local environment.

No doubt that traveling to this marvelous point will be one of the outstanding memories of your trip.

This article has been written by Sooshia shamsaei

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Name(s) in Persian: کویر مصر
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