Mehrjan | Deepest Village in Iran

Mehrjan | Deepest Village in Iran


Where’s the deepest village in Iran?!?

Mehrjan is one of the villages of Khour and Biabanak County , located 35 km south of Khour.
The establishment of this beautiful village dates back to the Sassanid era or even before that.
At first it was called Mehrij and later Mehregan. When the people of this village were forced to become Muslim, it became Mehrjan (also called Mahrijan).
Mehrizan is located in the deepest part of Iran and is one of the areas which have the darkest night sky in Iran, and this provides a good platform for observing the beautiful sky of the desert, so even with the naked eye, the Milky Way galaxy is visible in the dark sky of night like white dust.
The village is a plain and flat land in the north and is mountainous in the south neighboring Lighthane mountains, Mohammad Abad and Dolat Abad Rezvaniyeh farms and Shekar Abad from the east it’s neighbor to Dasht-e Lut and from the west to the villages of Neyshabur, Garmeh,

Aroosan, Ordib , Iraj, Haftuman and Khanj Dadkin and Hossein Abad which are the other villages of Khour County.
Mehrjian’s climate is dry. Has cold winters and hot summers and has a rugged surface.
Mehrjān has a 15 kilometer qanat branch , the deepest of which is a spring, about 120 meters deep, and water slopes to the area.
Old houses, Water mill, historical covered street, Pristine nature, beautiful palm grove , central Mosque, tomb of Shamsuddin Muhammad the Great mystic aka the peer (means the elderly in Persian) , old and traditional village, tall Portal, museum of anthropology, Haji pool, Seljuk Watchtowers and … are Tourist attractions of Mehrjan.
Nowadays this beautiful village has 5 ecolodge and a traditional handicraft workshop.
This beautiful village can be the perfect travel destination in the central desert of Iran and you can experience the delicate sense of the desert.

*This article has been written by Sooshia Shamsaei and Translated by Taraneh Sarvari

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Name(s) in Persian: مهرجان
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Province: Isfahan Accomodation availability: N/A
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