Khour Salt Lake | Largest Seasonal Salt Lake

Khour Salt Lake | Largest Seasonal Salt Lake

Khour Salt Lake

Khour Salt lake

Khour salt lake which is the largest seasonal salt lake in the world is located in the central to southern part of Iran’s central desert and is located approximately 30 km from Khour and BiabanakIsfahan Province.

The height of the lake is about 707 meters above the free water level and is one of the lowest elevations in the Iranian plateau. The salt depth of the lake, unlike other salt lakes in the center of Iranian plateau, is very thin, varying from 5 cm to 10 m. The surrounding area in the western, eastern and northern regions is highly marshy with high level of absorbance, while the south regions are blowy lands.

Salt polygons

The high temperature difference between day and night causes a breakdown of the salt level on the lake surface, so the below wet layers lose their moisture due to this breakdown which results in forming salt polygons (salty platforms – dry lake). The salt water under the layers evaporates and accumulates in the gaps and the boundaries between the polygons.

The movement of the black sludge in the lower layers also facilitate the formation of the dry lakes. There is no water on the dry lakes. It is just the reflection of the light and something like a mirage, we can see that the landscape looks like a lake.

You can see one of the most beautiful sunsets here and it is incredibly beautiful. You will be captured by the image that God has painted as sun goes down and the silence that surrounds the area.

*Written by Sooshia shamsaei.


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Wikipedia: Click here Name(s) in Persian: دریاچه نمک 
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