Khaje Mountain | A marvelous mountain in the heart of a lake


Kuh-e-Khaje (Khaje Mountain) | A marvelous mountain in the heart of a lake

Kuh-e-Khaje (Khaje Mountain) | A marvelous mountain in the heart of a lake

Khaje Mountain is located 30 kilometers south of Zabol, in Sistan and Baluchistan Province and is flat-topped, with basalt stones. Being Located in the middle of Hamoun Lake, it is the only natural Site in Sistan area, about 609 meters above the sea level and also, a noteworthy archeological site. It is the biggest structure made of sun-dried bricks, related to Parthians period in Sistan and is one of the most significant monuments of Parthian, Sassanid and post-Islam period.

Mountain’s different structures

Khaje Mountain is home to historical monuments such as: a series of palaces, Kahak Kahzad Castle, Chehel Dokhtar (40 girls) Castle, Sarsang Castle, tomb of Khaje Ghaltan, the old building of Gandom-e-Beryan, Satan’s House and Islamic graves. The most significant and the biggest part of the mountain’s ancient monuments is ‘Kafaroun Castle’, which has three defensive walls, a main gate, side corridors, central courtyard and a fire temple.

Decorations used in some of the castles have similarities with Greek architecture and Water Lily decorations were adapted from Achaemenid art.

The importance of Mount Khaje in different religions

Khaje Mountain is sacred and popular among Zoroastrians, Muslims and Christians. Another name of this place is Oshida, which means the place of wisdom and intelligence in Christianity. It has also been mentioned in Bible. Based on Zoroastrianism, in the time of the world’s final renovation, maidens enter Hamoun Lake and give birth to ‘Soashyans’, the saviuor of humankind. Since it has post-Islamic monuments and rock graves, it is popular among Muslims too.

A collection of different arts

This ancient place hosts many architectural and artistic masterpieces. Its paintings are so unique and beautiful, but sadly only a few of them have been remained from the past.

The reason of the naming

Khaje Mountain got its name from Khaje Mahdi Tomb, who is said to be a descendant of Imam Ali, Shia’s first Imam.

*Written by Arefeh Firouzan.


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