Hyrcanian Forests | Unique Forested Massif

Hyrcanian Forests | Unique Forested Massif

Hyrcanian Forests, Photo by Komeil Ghasempour,UNESCO

There is a remarkable ecosystem in the ecoregion of the temperate broadleaf forests alongside the southern coast of the Caspian Sea , stretching from Mazandaran to Gilan then Gorgan and reaching Arasbaran. This region that takes up almost 55000 sq.km is preserved by both the Department of Environment and Cultural Heritage Organization.

Hyrcanian forests , dating back to 40 million years ago , are one of the most valuable forests in the world. They are actually considered as natural museums , since they are home to many species .

The biodiversity of this region is of such a great importance that got the authorities to list it as one of the World Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO.

You may find 296 species of birds there such as , white-fronted goose , little bustard , glossy ibis etc. There used to live 98 different kinds of mammals ; however, unfortunately some of them are in danger of extinction. Some of the existing ones are brown bear , wild boar , wolf and Caspian tiger. You can also find 150 different species of trees and plants there like, Caspian locust , velvet maple, wild cherry and many more.

So if you happen to visit Iran, make sure you do not lose the chance to enjoy the beauty of an ancient forest which can teach you a lot on natural history.

* This article has been written by Fereshte Shokouhi

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Name(s) in Persian: جنگل های هیرکانی
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