Hossein Hadizadeh

Hossein Hadizadeh

  • Front office management
  • Tourist guide
  • Yazd state university
  • Payam e noor Shiraz University
  • Navid English institute
  • Industrial management Institutes of Iran

I am a responsible hardworking person who is passionate and energetic of what I do. Punctuality is very important to me as is also being highly organized on the job that I am entrusted with. I am a team player as I understand the importance of team work when executing a task. As a person I consider myself to be very motivated and sociable.

A short highlight of my life:

As far as I remember, I started my trips with my family, maybe at fist as a kid, I didn’t have a good understanding and vision of traveling, but gradually after a while, this motivation developed in me and my interest to travel and see new places, cultures, get acquainted With the new atmosphere and the new people, being in the communities started.

As a teenager, I was able to learn English very well, so I started working as an English teacher and traveled alongside this job.

Until, in my youth, after experiencing a few jobs, I finally picked a job which I am passionate & really good at, with lots of skills, abilities and experiences. After passing different related courses and business experiences, and the privileges needed to become a professional tour guide, I am currently offering my professional services to the domestic tourists and tourists from all around the world as an official and professional tourist guide of Iran.


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  • Guiding inbound tours all-around Iran from north to the south – touristic golden triangle – touristic classical rote.
  • Running tours of different numbers of groups from one to 27 persons.
  • Guiding tours from different nationalities like, British – Maltese – Australian – Greek – French – Italian etc. .
  • Maximizing the time given to ensure that the clients get to see all they possibly can.
  • Ensuring the wellbeing of every person in the group.
  • I always made sure to pass on my love and passion for the culture and history of Iran.
  • Living and working in Georgia (Tbilisi) as a tourist guide.
  • Experienced in guiding eco-tourism tours.
  • Running adventure tours such as hiking, mountain climbing, camping into the heart of nature.
  • Setting and fitting itineraries for different kinds of tours & different numbers of days .

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