Gheisariyeh bazaar of Lar | A model of Iranian historical bazaars

Gheisariyeh bazaar of Lar|  A model of Iranian historical bazaars

Gheisariyeh bazaar of Lar| A model of Iranian historical bazaars

Gheisariyeh Bazaar is located in Lar city of Fars province and is a precious sample of Iran’s old architecture. This beautiful, historical bazaar was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

The history of Bazaar

According to the local archeologists, the history of the early structure of this bazaar dates back to 900 years ago and evident displays of old architectural styles from pre-Safavid to Qajar dynasty can be seen in it. This bazaar had many renovations, the major one in the region of Shah Abbas Safavi, during another one that was performed in Qajar dynasty, some of Qajar architectural elements were added to its structure.

Bazaar’s architectural features

The design of Gheisariyeh bazaar is in an axis form, and the most interesting point of it is ‘Chahar Suq’, which is an octagonal domed ceiling section in the center of the axis. This building has its own supporting structure which is called Khashkhashy. This architectural element can be also seen in Jameh Mosques of Iran like Imam Mosque in Isfahan.

Bazaar’s ceiling height is 18 meters from its floor. The ceiling has openings called Hoorno. In the traditional architecture of Iran, Hoorno functioned both to get the sunlight and to ventilate the air.

Gheisariyeh Bazaar has 3 main parts:

The main section is the octagonal building with a dome ceiling and ‘Gholam Gardesh’, which are the passages with access to the main section and shop lines, and cover of the main section. Bazaar has 4 vertical shop lines, called ‘Rasteh’, and each one has their special name: the north line is called Rasteh Ab-Foroushan, south line is Rasteh Meidan, the west line is Kamargirha ha and the east line is Ghasab ha. In addition, bazaar is surrounded by some caravansaries that in the past were places that travelers stayed and now are places to storage goods.

The combination of the main section and Gholam Gardesh is touched by cultural and scientific insights, understanding and worldview of Iranians pre-Islam.

It should be mentioned that the Bazaar of Gheisariyeh is a model of Iranian historical bazaars, and in the construction of Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz, it was used as a pilot project in the construction of Vakil bazar of Shiraz

* Written by Arefeh Firouzan.


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