Essential Persian phrases you are going to learn now can help you to communicate with people and make friends. Also, learning the basic of a new language is always fun.

In Iran, like many countries, the majority of people can’t speak English well and the official language is Persian, aka Farsi. Besides, when you speak Persian the same as locals, you make them feel good and happy. Also, in an emergency situation when nobody knows English, using some useful Persian phrases can help you a lot. The phrases below are the basics you need to know. We have mentioned some of the most useful phrases below. Enjoy traveling to iran.

Greetings in Persian

essential Persian phrases
EnglishHow Persians pronounce it?Persian dictation
Hi or HelloSalâmسلام
How are youHaalet chetoreحالت چطوره؟
I am good, thanks.Khoobam merc.خوبم. مرسی
What about you?Shoma chetory?شما چطوری؟
WelcomeKhosh Amadinخوش آمدین

Making Friends

EnglishHow Persians pronounce it?Persian dictation
What is your name?Esmet chie?اسمت چیه؟
My name is …Esme man hast ….اسم من … هست
Where are you from?Ahle kojaei?اهل کجایی؟
I am from …Man ahle …. hastam.من اهل … هستم
Pleased to meet you.Az didanetoon khoshvaghtam.از دیدنتون خوشوقتم
Nice to meet you.Az ashnaayitoon khosh’vaghtam.از آشنایی‌تون خوش‌وقتم

Saying Good Bye

EnglishHow Persians pronounce it?Persian dictation
Good bye.Bedrood.بدرود
See you tomorrow.Fardaa mibinamet.فردا می‌بینمت
Good morning.Sobh bekheir.صبح بخیر
Good night.Shab bekheir.شب بخیر
Good luck.Movafagh bashi.موفق باشی

Common Phrases You Need to Know

EnglishHow Persians pronounce it?Persian dictation
Cheers.Be salamati.به سلامتی
Bon appetit or Enjoy your meal.
* In Iran, it is said when someone finished his/her meal.
Noosh-e jan.نوش جان
Have a good journey.Safar bekheir.سفر بخیر
I understand.Motevajeh’am.متوجهم
I don’t understand.Motevajeh nemisham.متوجه نمی‌شم
I see.Midoonam.می‌دونم
I don’t know.Nemidoonam.نمی‌دونم
Please speak more slowly.Lotfan aroomtar sohbat konid.لطفاً آروم‌تر صحبت کنید
Please drive more slowly.Lotfan aroomtar ranandegi konid.لطفاً آروم‌تر رانندگی کنید
Please say that again.Lotfan dobare begid.لطفاً دوباره بگید
I am hungry.Goshname.گشنمه
I am thirsty.Teshname.تشنمه
I don’t have money.Pool nadaram.پول ندارم

Short Practical Phrases You Need to Know

EnglishHow Persians pronounce it?Persian dictation
Which one?Kodoomesh?کدومش؟
A little.Yekam.یه کم
Excuse me.Bebakh’shid.ببخشید
Thank you.Mamnun.ممنون
Call the police.Police ro khabar konid.پلیس رو خبر کنید
Where is the toilet/WC/restroom?Service behdashti Kojas?سرویس بهداشتی کجاس؟

Food and Shopping

EnglishHow Persians pronounce it?Persian dictation
I am a vegetarian.Man giyaah-khaaram.من گیاه خوارم
I am a vegan.
Man mahsoolaat-e heyvaani nemikhoram.من محصولات حیوانی نمی‌خورم
It is delicious.Khosh mazzas.خوش مزه‌س
I am full.Seer shodam.سیر شدم
How much is it?Een chandeh?این چنده؟
Give me a discount.Takh’fif bedin.تخفیف بدین

Some General Phrases

EnglishHow Persians pronounce it?Persian dictation
I want to go to the hotel.Mikhaam beram hotel.می‌خوام برم هتل
I want to take a shower.Mikhaam doosh begiram.می‌خوام دوش بگیرم
May I come in?Mitoonam biaam too.می‌تونم بیام تو
Happy birthday.Tavallodet mobaarak.تولدت مبارک
Happy new year.Saale no mobaarak.سال نو مبارک
You are so beautiful.Kheyli khoshgeli.خیلی خوشگلی
That’s cool.Kheyli baahaaleh.خیلی باحاله
You are cool.Kheyli baahaali .خیلی باحالی
I am in a hurry.Ajal’e daram.عجله دارم
I am not in a hurry.Ajal’e nadaram.عجله ندارم
You are welcome.Khahesh mikonam.خواهش می‌کنم
I miss you.Delam baraat tang shodeh.دلم برات تنگ شده
I love you.Asheghetam.عاشقتم
I like it.Doosesh daaram.دوسش دارم
Leave me alone.Tanhaam bezarid.تنهام بذارید
I am happy for you.Khosh’haalam baraat.خوشحالم برات
Good for you.Khosh be haalet.خوش به حالت
You rock / Good job .Damet garm.دمت گرم
Here you are.Befarmaayid.بفرمایید

We hope that these essential Persian phrases help you to communicate with locals. If there are any other phrases you think it is worth adding to the list above, leave us a comment below. We will be happy to hear from you.

Download the essential Persian phrases in PDF.

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