Chogha Zanbil | Largest Ziggurat Outside of Mesopotamia

Chogha Zanbil | Largest Ziggurat Outside of Mesopotamia

Tchogha Zanbil

Located in the southwest of Iran, Chogha Zanbil , is an ancient Iranian complex which dates back to 1250 BC. Just about 40 km away from Shush , Khuzestan you will be impressed by the eye catching view of an old structure in the middle of the expanses of Khuzestan lowlands. It is said to be the largest architectural work left from the Elamites .

Chogha Zanbil is the first Iranian historical attraction mentioned on UNESCO World Heritage List. Orientalists consider this structure the first holy building in Iran.

The method of water supply is a wonder itself. They used to supply the water to the temple from Karkheh river that is about 45 km away. The water refinery plant located in the western side of the building is the oldest one in Iran .

The building was initially constructed in 5 pyramidal levels , 52 meters high, which led to a temple at the top . The materials used in it are mainly mud and baked bricks.The temple once served as a place to worship an Elamite god , Inshushinak.

There are some other smaller temples in the middle area. The complex was later destroyed by Ashurbanipal , an Assyrian king. A lot of artifacts have been digged out of the site.

* This article has been written by Fereshte Shokouhi

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Name(s) in Persian: چغازنبيل
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