Shahdad Kaluts | Massive structures of sand

Located in Kerman province and 40 kilometers away from the historical city of Shahdad, Shahdad Kaluts are one of the most extraordinary natural phenomena.

Pasargad | The earliest capital of Achaemenid Empire

Pasargad field is located 130 kilometers away from Shiraz. Cyrus II the Great selected this city as the capital of his reign in the 6th century B.C and started constructing buildings and palaces in it.

Meymand Village | A lively museum in the heart of cliffs

Meymand Village is located in the historical region of Shahr-e-Babak in Kerman province and according to archaeology statements, stone carving drawings of this region is related to 1200 years ago.

Bazaar of Tabriz | The world’s biggest roofed bazaar

Bazaar of Tabriz, the biggest roofed bazaar in the world.In this majestic bazaar, more than 5000 shops occupied by 40 trades are working.

Ali Qapu Palace | The great quadrangle at the center of Esfahan

On the western side of the square, a palace was built in 1597 at the site of another Timurid palace, called Ali Qapu.

Qanat | one of the oldest systems of water supply in the world

Their proficiency about building aqueducts was far better than others. As Bastani Prizi declares, digging and aqueduct was not only an activity to find water, but also it was like a great epic of replacing water with survival and existence.

Pahlevani and Zurkhaneh Rituals | An Intangible Cultural Heritage

The sport dates back to ancient Persia, the Achaemenid era. The original purpose of this sport was to train men as warriors for the coming battles.

Eram Garden | Brilliant symbol of Iranian architecture

Shiraz is known for its beautiful gardens, and one of the most beautiful and special ones is Eram Garden.This brilliant garden is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Bisotun | One of the most spectacular historical places in Iran

Bisotun is without a doubt one of the most spectacular historical places in Iran . Bisotun have been registered in the Iranian national list of historical sites and finally became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006.