Tabatabaei House | The bride of Iran’s houses

Tabatabaei House is an outstanding symbol of the rich lifestyle in 19th century in Kashan. Agha Bozourg mosque and Kashan's bazaar are also locating close to it.
Kandovan Village

Kandovan village | One of the world’s three rocky villages

Kandovan is located in the north western part of Sahand Mountain and is one of the environs of Osku city. Kandovan has been formed by volcanic interactions on Sahand Mount for thousands of years, and the Kandovan River flows along it.
Amir chakhmagh

Amir Chakhmagh Complex | A spectacular plaza in Yazd

Amir Chakhmagh Complex was built in the 15th century, by Jalal-o-din Amir Chakhmagh, who was the governor of Yazd in Timurids dynasty.

Meymand Village | A lively museum in the heart of cliffs

Meymand Village is located in the historical region of Shahr-e-Babak in Kerman province and according to archaeology statements, stone carving drawings of this region is related to 1200 years ago.
Vakil bath

Vakil Bath | A magnificent and brilliant building

Shiraz's Vakil Bath, with a history of 260 years, was built in the middle of 1760 in Zandiye dynasty, under the command of Karim Khan Zand .

Shahzade Mahan Garden | A royal garden in the heart of desert

Shahzade Mahan, a historical garden, is located near Kerman city, in the middle of Kerman-Bam road and on the path of the historical Silk Road.

Taq-e Bostan | series of large carving in rocks

The Kermanshah region is notable for the concentration of Sasanid era monuments. What we know as Taq-e Bostan is a unique Sasanid rock relief in two grottoes and adjoining on the face of the cliff.

Meybod | One of the oldest adobe structures in the world

Meybod city has a historical back ground of thousand years and is considered as one of the Iran’s first sedentary locations.
Kerman grand mosque

Kerman Grand Mosque | A 700-Year-Old Mosque

The Mozafari Mosque also known as Kerman Grand Mosque, is a historical mosque with unique and magnificent architecture in Kerman province.