Badab-e Surt | Terraced Colorful Springs

Badab-e Surt | Terraced Colorful Springs

This spring is the Iran's second natural heritage after Damavand and the second Salt water spring in the world after Pamukkale in Turkey.
Khour and Biabanak

Mesr Desert | Golden Sand Dunes

Mesr desert is one of the most beautiful deserts in Iran that many tourists from Iran and abroad travel to this wonderful spot every year.

Resket_Tower | An Eleventh-Century Tower

The Resket tower is located on a rocky mountain with a steep slope that makes everyone wonder how it stands there! But recent discoveries helped us.

Kolbadi House | Historical House in Sari

The first thing that catches your eyes before entering the Kolbadi house would be its impressively huge wooden entrance door with the beautiful designs.

Shur Mast Lake | Elegant and Picturesque Lake

This phenomenon gives the visitors the chance to be enchanted by the green nature of the forests surrounding the lake.

Ab Anbar No | Traditional Water Reservoir

Ab Anbar No is located in the old part of the city which goes back to Qajar era , 1789-1925 . It is said that the building was financed by a lady.
Farah Abad Complex

Farah Abad | Historical and Recreational Complex

Farah Abad Complex was built by Shah Abbas l and the Georgians or armenians who lived in Iran after the war moved there.

The Ancient Village of Iraj | Iran in-depth

It’s one of the southwest villages of Khour and Biabanak County, dating back to more than 4,000 years ago and still keeps its old texture perfectly.
the salt lake of Khour

Khour Salt Lake | Iran in-depth

Khour salt lake which is the largest seasonal salt lake in the world is located in the central to southern part of Iran's central desert.