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Boroujerdi House

Boroujerdi House | Ghajari love

The story of the Boroujerdi House’s construction started when Seyed Mehdi Boroujerdi fell in love with Seyed Jaffar Tabatabaei’s daughter. Seyed Jaffar Tabatabaei, who was one of the greatest traders of Kashan and the owner of the famous mansion,Tabatabaei House, consented to the marriage on one condition, that the son-in-law should own a house equivalent to the bride’s father’s house. Seyed Mehdi Boroujerdi and his father accepted the condition and started the construction of a house as beautiful as Tabatabaei house, near the bride’s father house. Ali Maryam Kashani, the noble architect of Ghajar’s era, who was the designer of Tabatabaei house and Timche Amin-o-dowleh (Amin-o-dowleh caravansary), undertook the design and construction of this splendid building. Since the construction of a Ghajari house took a lot of time, Seyed Mehdi and his wife inhabited in one of the halls of Tabatabaei House and after 18 years of bride and groom’s living together, the construction of Boroujerdi House came to an end.

The history of Boroujerdi House

Boroujerdi House was built in Ghajar’s era and is located near Tabatabaei House, Abbasiyan House, and the historical Soltan AmirMohammad’s bathhouse. Boroujerdi House is one of the most outstanding historical buildings of Iran that in its structure delicacy and Iranian-Islamic architectural traits can be seen. In the construction of this magnificent house, traditional Iranian scheme and design was regarded and inside the building was designed with incomparable decorations and drawings that the moment you enter, you will be fascinated by all the elegance and artistic creativity. It is interesting to know that the peculiar and marvelous wind towers (wind catchers) of Boroujerdi House are the symbol of Kashan city.

The architecture of Boroujerdi House

Boroujerdi House with 2 floors and about 1700 meters area consists of Andarouni (inner) and Birouni (outer), two parts which are completely separate. This building has two cellars, 5 door alcove (Panj-dari Shah-Neshin), Mahtabi (a porch without a roof), Hashti Voroudi(vestibule) and three entrances that one door is used as the main door, one for religious ceremonies and one for the guests’ entrance and exit. The interesting point to notice is that this historical house has two sections, summer mansion and winter mansion that were used, considering the change of the season.


Of other parts of this building we can indicate cellar (basement), Mafsal Khane (that connects different parts of the house together) and the presence of two wind towers that do the air-conditioning.

Inner decorations of Boroujerdi House

This house with symmetrical crescent-like wind towers gives a beautiful view to the hall’s roof and the pergola on it demonstrates one of the most beautiful displays of Iranian architecture. The hall’s ceiling was painted with a very stunning scheme of plasterwork and muqarnas art. The ceilings, walls and sidelong halls have plasterwork and are painted with schemes of flower, bird, haunting grounds and animals. On the walls of Shah-Neshin (alcove) paintings of Ghajar’s kings can be seen. Water colors, oil-paints and beautiful plasterworks of this mansion are known as the masterpiece of Iran’s art based on the basics of aesthetics. Elegance and authentic Iranian art can be seen in every aspect of this glorious historical building.

UNESCO’s best choice

The historical Boroujerdi House was selected as the best choice of UNESCO based on the tourist attraction popularity in 2015 and 2016.

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* Written by Tannaz Akbari and Translated by Arefeh Firouzan.


Official Website: N/A Entrance fee: 300.000  IRR
Wikipedia: Click here Name(s) in Persian: خانه بروجردی ها
UNESCO Website: Click here Public transportation availability: Yes
Province: Kashan Accommodation availability: Yes
Phone: +9831 4226999 Facilities: Yes
Working days: All days Restaurant & Cafe availability: Yes
Opening hours: 9:00 AM-6:00 PMBest time to visit: All Seasons

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